June 2017 – 5 Best Musical Toys For Babies

It’s been a couple of months since I posted any toy reviews, as last month we were trying out different music-themed baby clothes. We’ve been saving our very favourite musical toys to show you all now! These are educational, very fun, and make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christenings, or just because. So, here they are, the 5 best musical toys for babies in June 2017: Continue reading “June 2017 – 5 Best Musical Toys For Babies”

Homemade Sensory Mats for Babies

This week I have been in need of some distraction techniques! J is crawling and climbing all over the place, and I can’t turn my back for a second. He is desperate to grab all the things out of reach, and his toys have not always been enough to tempt him away… While scrolling through The Imagination Tree’s website, I came across these sensory mats, and thought they looked like something J would enjoy. They are a great tool for babies aged 6 months + Continue reading “Homemade Sensory Mats for Babies”

Baby’s First Easter – Musical Present Ideas

first easter

It seems that the supermarket shelves have been filled with chocolate Easter eggs since December! There are hundred of different varieties, brands and prices – which is great if you are buying for older children. But what if you are celebrating your baby’s very first Easter, and they are not yet allowed chocolate? It seems a shame to not involve them in the occasion, and it’s the perfect opportunity to give them something new and exciting to play with. As usual, all of my gift ideas have a musical theme – try some of these pressies instead of Easter eggs: Continue reading “Baby’s First Easter – Musical Present Ideas”

Sensory Tools: The Essential Items Missing from Your Pregnancy Wish-List

pregnancy wish-list

You’ve bought your pram, car seat and cot. You’ve got nappies, wipes, and muslins coming out of your ears. You’re fully prepped for night feeds and teething, and you have outfits for everyday of your babies first year! There’s nothing left to tick off your pregnancy wish-list, right? The first few weeks are a warm, cuddly, sleep-deprived blur. But what about after you’ve survived those? What about when your baby first begins to open their eyes and look at the world? How are you going to start playing and interacting with your little one?  Continue reading “Sensory Tools: The Essential Items Missing from Your Pregnancy Wish-List”