January 2018 – 5 Best Developmental Toys For Toddlers, 12-18 Months

Learning through play is of paramount important for your child! They will learn so much about the world when they are given the freedom to explore, and the tools to invent with. At 12-18 months, children learn through copying you – this is the very first sign of their emerging imagination. Providing them with a select few toys, that allow all their senses to work, will help their development, while ensuring that they enjoy themselves. Show your child how to use different objects, and what their toys can do, but also sit back and let them lead the play. They are much better at it than we are, because they do not have preconceptions and prior knowledge of what things should be used for. They will find 20 ways to play with a toys, while adults are limited by their own experiences. Read on to find 5 important categories of developmental toys for this age, as well as suggestions for each group.  Continue reading “January 2018 – 5 Best Developmental Toys For Toddlers, 12-18 Months”

June 2017 – 5 Best Musical Toys For Babies

It’s been a couple of months since I posted any toy reviews, as last month we were trying out different music-themed baby clothes. We’ve been saving our very favourite musical toys to show you all now! These are educational, very fun, and make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christenings, or just because. So, here they are, the 5 best musical toys for babies in June 2017: Continue reading “June 2017 – 5 Best Musical Toys For Babies”

Homemade Sensory Mats for Babies

This week I have been in need of some distraction techniques! J is crawling and climbing all over the place, and I can’t turn my back for a second. He is desperate to grab all the things out of reach, and his toys have not always been enough to tempt him away… While scrolling through The Imagination Tree’s website, I came across these sensory mats, and thought they looked like something J would enjoy. They are a great tool for babies aged 6 months + Continue reading “Homemade Sensory Mats for Babies”

Baby’s First Easter – Musical Present Ideas

first easter

It seems that the supermarket shelves have been filled with chocolate Easter eggs since December! There are hundred of different varieties, brands and prices – which is great if you are buying for older children. But what if you are celebrating your baby’s very first Easter, and they are not yet allowed chocolate? It seems a shame to not involve them in the occasion, and it’s the perfect opportunity to give them something new and exciting to play with. As usual, all of my gift ideas have a musical theme – try some of these pressies instead of Easter eggs: Continue reading “Baby’s First Easter – Musical Present Ideas”