Learning Through Messy Play: Arty Splats!

Babies and toddlers are on an endless quest of exploration! They curiously investigate anything and everything, including a whole range of things that they really shouldn’t. I find myself saying ‘no’ hundreds of times everyday, as J’s innocent playing puts him in situations in which he could hurt himself. They have no concept of what is right or wrong, or safe or unsafe – they just want to enjoy themselves. That is why messy play classes are a gift for parents! We were invited to try Arty Splats this term – a franchised class, which has recently been started up in Solihull. Here’s how we got on… Continue reading “Learning Through Messy Play: Arty Splats!”

Best Music Classes For Babies & Toddlers – A Comparison Of All The Big Ones!

I’m very excited to be able to bring you this – a round-up of all the best music classes for babies! There are so many to choose from, it can feel quite daunting. Sometimes people end of going with the one they found first, or the one that replies first, but this will help you make a choice that is most suitable for your little one. They are all very different, and have so many things to offer! I have only included franchised classes, so they are available nationwide. Please let me know if you have any questions – J and I have personally tried all of this classes.  Continue reading “Best Music Classes For Babies & Toddlers – A Comparison Of All The Big Ones!”

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Rhythm Time

J is now 3 months old! Where is the time going?! Luke and I are having so much fun with him, watching and helping him to learn every single day. One thing we’ve particularly enjoyed is attending Rhythm Time Young Baby classes. This is a UK franchise of music and sensory classes for babies and toddlers. We started their young baby class when J was just 5 weeks old! He slept through the first 2 classes, cried through the 3rd and 4th, and has loved it ever since. Continue reading “Rhythm Time”

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Homemade Sensory Mats for Babies

This week I have been in need of some distraction techniques! J is crawling and climbing all over the place, and I can’t turn my back for a second. He is desperate to grab all the things out of reach, and his toys have not always been enough to tempt him away… While scrolling through The Imagination Tree’s website, I came across these sensory mats, and thought they looked like something J would enjoy. They are a great tool for babies aged 6 months + Continue reading “Homemade Sensory Mats for Babies”