Prenatal Bonding…With A Toddler In Tow

Congratulations on your new pregnancy! I am currently 22+4 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and there will be a 21 month age-gap between our two children. We do not know the gender of this new baby. We didn’t find out with J, and I loved the surprise of being told after he was born – I’m very excited to recreate that moment!

Although the way I have felt through this pregnancy has been very similar to my first, my life is so different now. I was so self-indulgent first-time round, taking out so much time to relax, prepare and connect with our baby. This time, I have a very active toddler in tow! After speaking with lots of people with several children, and spending some time working out what I want through these nine months, I have put together a collection of ways you can bond prenatally with your second/third/fourth/etc. baby, while continuing to be very present for the kids that are already running around.  Continue reading “Prenatal Bonding…With A Toddler In Tow”

My Birth Story

Being a first-time mum has been a very hectic, very steep, learning curve! This is why, over a month after the birth of my son, I am only just getting round to writing his birth story. J was born at 3.25am on 4th August 2016, weighing 7lb 5oz. Luke and I have fallen in love with him! The rush of love we felt when we first saw him has not lessened and, despite our exhaustion and sleepless nights, we are enjoying every minute of parenthood.

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My Solihull Article: Nurturing Musical Ability from Birth to Forever

nurturing musical ability

I was very excited this month to feature in a local magazine, My Solihull. It was great to get the opportunity to explain why music is so important in the lives of our children. I was also able to give examples of some simple ways you can begin to do this at home! It is really easy to begin nurturing your child’s musical ability. Here is the article that was printed: Continue reading “My Solihull Article: Nurturing Musical Ability from Birth to Forever”

Musings on the Prenatal Bonding Power of Music

As a couple , we spend our lives nurturing children in the joys and merits of music-making. As a result, Luke and I have been very curious about the effects of music on our first unborn child. Music is a huge part of both of our lives. We spend a lot of time advocating the benefits of music education on the development of children. (See my recent article Nurturing Musical Ability from Birth to Forever). So, it’s only natural that we have been keen to get started with some prenatal bonding with our own baby! (We don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl, but I shall refer to it as ‘he’ throughout this blog post, as I hate saying ‘it’) Continue reading “Musings on the Prenatal Bonding Power of Music”

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Preparing For Birth With The Use Of Music

As I enter my 38th week of pregnancy, I have settled nicely into my maternity leave. Having so much free time to focus on my baby and myself is a wonderful feeling. I am able to rest when I need to, read, sing, play music, and work through gentle exercises, all with the aim of preparing for my upcoming labour, and the birth of our baby. Having very recently moved house, it’s lovely to potter around in our new garden, decorate our baby’s bedroom, and visualise ourselves as a family of three in our new home. Continue reading “Preparing For Birth With The Use Of Music”

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