Is My Child Ready To Learn An Instrument?


Learning an instrument is a brilliant hobby for your kids. It gives them something to be really proud of, to work towards, and to gain a real sense of achievement. It can help their social skills, their cognitive development, and their listening ability. Learning and instrument can have a positive effect on many other areas of their life, such as by helping their reading and maths skills. Perhaps more important than any of these things, it is fun!! But are they ready to learn an instrument?  Continue reading “Is My Child Ready To Learn An Instrument?”

10 Exciting New Ways to Practise

10 tips to make practise fun

Practising is one of the most difficult aspects of learning an instrument. Learning new repertoire is exciting, going to your lesson is motivating, and performing in concerts and exams is liberating. But practising is tricky! It can be hard to know exactly what we need to practise, and when we have achieved what we set out to do. It can feel like we are not getting anywhere, and as though we have hit a brick wall. When this happens to your child, and you have exhausted all of their usual methods, give these options a try – you might surprise yourself with just what they can learn when they try a different approach: Continue reading “10 Exciting New Ways to Practise”

10 Tips for Beating Performance Nerves

performance nerves

Performance nerves affect all musicians at some time or another. For some people they can be a minor annoyance, which can be felt as nothing more than a few little butterflies in their stomach. For others, however, they can be crippling! The adrenalin can be so strong that it triggers a ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction in the body. This can result in performers physically shaking, being sick, and otherwise feeling unable to perform. This adrenalin needs to be channeled to our advantage. Used correctly it can give a performance a real edge, a sense of excitement, and a feeling of raw emotion. Here are my top 10 tips for overcoming performance nerves: Continue reading “10 Tips for Beating Performance Nerves”