Musical Mum Animal Singalongs – January 2018

This month we’ve had an ‘Animal’ theme to our Friday morning Singalong sessions! These go out live at 9am over on my Facebook page, and are 10 minute routines that you can follow with your baby and toddler and home. Singing and engaging musical with your little ones will do wonders for their development – I promise. In case you missed any this month, here are our 4 Animal Singalongs, complete with words and story details. Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading “Musical Mum Animal Singalongs – January 2018”

Prenatal Bonding…With A Toddler In Tow

Congratulations on your new pregnancy! I am currently 22+4 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and there will be a 21 month age-gap between our two children. We do not know the gender of this new baby. We didn’t find out with J, and I loved the surprise of being told after he was born – I’m very excited to recreate that moment!

Although the way I have felt through this pregnancy has been very similar to my first, my life is so different now. I was so self-indulgent first-time round, taking out so much time to relax, prepare and connect with our baby. This time, I have a very active toddler in tow! After speaking with lots of people with several children, and spending some time working out what I want through these nine months, I have put together a collection of ways you can bond prenatally with your second/third/fourth/etc. baby, while continuing to be very present for the kids that are already running around.  Continue reading “Prenatal Bonding…With A Toddler In Tow”

Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Your Baby and Toddler

Christmas is the most exciting time of year when you have young children. Last Christmas, J was just 4 months old, but we couldn’t wait to share such a special time together. This year he will be 16 months old – much more aware, but still with no idea what Christmas is! Lots of the Christmas traditions you see people enjoying are suitable for slightly older children, but there are lots of ways you can lay down traditions to be enjoyed for many years to come. Try some of these ideas, suitable for babies and very young children: Continue reading “Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Your Baby and Toddler”

Autumn Music With Your Toddler: October


October is a lovely month for exploration! The days are getting shorter, so you have to make more of the time you can still spend outside. Dark evenings make for very cosy playtimes though, with lots of opportunities to snuggle up. Halloween is one of the biggest events this month, and there are so many options for spooky fun-and-games with your toddler. Have a go at some of these Autumn music activities this October: Continue reading “Autumn Music With Your Toddler: October”

September 2017: 4 Best Children’s Books (With A Musical Theme)

Books are definitely one of J’s favourite things. They are one of the only things that he will sit still long enough to enjoy. Whenever he is upset, they are sure to calm him down. He has his favourites, but is happy to sit with any book as long as someone is reading it to him. With September now upon us, my attention is slowly turning towards the unmentionable…Christmas! I know that he will be getting lots of lovely books from Father Christmas, as this is where I need your assistance. What books would you most highly recommend for a boy, aged 18 months and beyond? What are your absolute essentials that feature on your children’s bookshelves? I’d love some help please! In the meantime, here are our 4 best children’s books from September 2017: Continue reading “September 2017: 4 Best Children’s Books (With A Musical Theme)”