February 2018: Concerts and Shows For Children

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Watching live music is a magical experience for young children. It is mesmerising to see musicians playing, singers singing, and dancers dancing. Live performance is inspiring and exciting, teaching children about different ways to move and learn. Furthermore, it can be used to encourage all forms of interaction, and spark your child’s imagination in ways you didn’t know were possible. Many orchestras, theatres, and town halls have music events for children. These are more relaxed performances, which allow children the chance to join in. Here are some of the most interesting concerts and shows for children in February 2018 – book your tickets now! Continue reading “February 2018: Concerts and Shows For Children”

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Musical Love Letters – Straight From Your Heart

As J approaches his 18-month milestone, my thoughts are turning once again to his next musical love letter. Throughout his first year, I wrote in a ‘New Baby’ journal every month. I used this to track his development and little things that made me smile. Photographs were taken, videos were recorded, and memories were stored. When I had completed this ‘first year’ book, I was conscious that I needed to continue keeping a record of all the little things that would be forgotten. That is where the idea of ‘Musical Love Letters’ was born. Continue reading “Musical Love Letters – Straight From Your Heart”

Musical Mum Animal Singalongs – January 2018

This month we’ve had an ‘Animal’ theme to our Friday morning Singalong sessions! These go out live at 9am over on my Facebook page, and are 10 minute routines that you can follow with your baby and toddler and home. Singing and engaging musical with your little ones will do wonders for their development – I promise. In case you missed any this month, here are our 4 Animal Singalongs, complete with words and story details. Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading “Musical Mum Animal Singalongs – January 2018”

January 2018: 5 Best Musical Books For Children

Now that J is 17 months old, we’ve been taking him to Storytime more regularly at the library. These free sessions are funded by Bookstart, and are available in many public libraries, nurseries and children’s centres. They typically include several books chosen from the ‘story bag’, a hello and goodbye song, and several relevant songs and activities between each story. The books are generally suitable for children from around 18 months to 5 years. It’s a lovely 45 minutes, with the opportunity to explore so many new books. It teaches little ones to love books, and helps them to learn how to sit quietly and enjoy a story in a group (rather than at home, where J likes to turn all the pages and pull all the flaps himself).  Continue reading “January 2018: 5 Best Musical Books For Children”

Inspiring Creativity In Children

Do you find that music helps you concentrate, or is it a distraction? Either way, you can’t deny that it has some impact on you and the task at hand. The effect of music on our subconscious is so powerful, that we often find it can influence our mood and outlook. The speed, volume, style, and lyrics (if any) can cause us to feel optimistic, relaxed, angry, nervous, excited…any emotion you can think of. The endorphins released when we feel particular emotions can have a direct effect on our output, our productivity, and our creativity! So how can we inspire creativity in children…? Like this: Continue reading “Inspiring Creativity In Children”