Preparing For Birth With The Use Of Music

As I enter my 38th week of pregnancy, I have settled nicely into my maternity leave. Having so much free time to focus on my baby and myself is a wonderful feeling. I am able to rest when I need to, read, sing, play music, and work through gentle exercises, all with the aim of preparing for my upcoming labour, and the birth of our baby. Having very recently moved house, it’s lovely to potter around in our new garden, decorate our baby’s bedroom, and visualise ourselves as a family of three in our new home. Continue reading “Preparing For Birth With The Use Of Music”

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Cinderella – Telling Stories With Music


Music is wonderfully versatile. It can help us to teach and explore an endless range of topics, therefore encouraging young minds to listen hard, think inquisitively, and ask imaginative questions. Many brilliant stories have been set to music throughout time.  Music helps to bring them alive, to make them memorable, and also to help children to empathise with the characters. Cinderella is one such story! This post explores this timeless story and the music that accompanies it, with ideas for how to introduce it to your children at home. Continue reading “Cinderella – Telling Stories With Music”