January 2018: Music Events for Children

music events

Watching live music is a magical experience for young children. It is mesmerising to see musicians playing, singers singing, and dancers dancing. Live performance is inspiring and exciting, teaching children about different ways to move and learn. Furthermore, it can be used to encourage all forms of interaction, and spark your child’s imagination in ways you didn’t know were possible. Many orchestras, theatres, and town halls have music events for children. These are more relaxed performances, which allow children the chance to join in. Here are some of the most interesting music events for children in January 2018 – book your tickets now! Continue reading “January 2018: Music Events for Children”

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Swan Lake: Telling Stories With Music

swan lake

Music is wonderfully versatile. It can help us to teach and explore an endless range of topics, therefore encouraging young minds to listen hard, think inquisitively, and ask imaginative questions. Many brilliant stories have been set to music throughout time.  Music helps to bring them alive, to make them memorable, and also to help children to empathise with the characters. Swan Lake is one such story! This post explores this timeless story and the music that accompanies it, with ideas for how to introduce it to your children at home. Continue reading “Swan Lake: Telling Stories With Music”

Megson’s Family Folk Show – J’s First Concert!


Yesterday, we took J to see his first ever concert – and what a lovely choice it was! J is 7 months old, and it is really difficult to find live music events that he is welcome at. Megson’s Family Folk Show is the perfect introduction to live music, for children aged 0-7 years.  Megson are a husband and wife folk duo, Stu and Debbie. This pair created a wonderful relaxed and child-friendly, family atmosphere. Continue reading “Megson’s Family Folk Show – J’s First Concert!”