The Dreaded Composition Question…

The prospect of sitting a Grade 5 theory exam is always met with groans from students! Most kids want to enjoy playing their instrument, without too much focus on the written work that sometimes accompanies it. However, if sitting ABRSM exams, students must pass their Grade 5 theory before being allowed to progress onto Grade 6 practical. And it doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. In fact, most people find that the theory helps them to progress with their playing, and their musical understanding and interpretation comes on hugely! One of the trickiest parts of the exam is the 15-mark composition question. Here are some tricks and tips to nail this question, securing yourself a good percentage of guaranteed points: Continue reading “The Dreaded Composition Question…”

Baby Composition Competition – Win A Musical Sensory Box!

We are running a fab new competition this month!! We are challenging all of you musical mums and dads to get really creative with your babies. I want to inspire you to get really noisy. We want babies all over the country to explore and engage with music. We will be awarding a Musical Sensory Box to the winning baby! (Click here to learn more about the Musical Sensory Box). Continue reading “Baby Composition Competition – Win A Musical Sensory Box!”