January 2018: Music Events for Children

music events

Watching live music is a magical experience for young children. It is mesmerising to see musicians playing, singers singing, and dancers dancing. Live performance is inspiring and exciting, teaching children about different ways to move and learn. Furthermore, it can be used to encourage all forms of interaction, and spark your child’s imagination in ways you didn’t know were possible. Many orchestras, theatres, and town halls have music events for children. These are more relaxed performances, which allow children the chance to join in. Here are some of the most interesting music events for children in January 2018 – book your tickets now! Continue reading “January 2018: Music Events for Children”

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Classical Music for Children – An Introduction

classical pieces

Classical music is a genre that is sometimes deemed inaccesible. It has an outdated reputation for being ‘stuffy’ and ‘boring’ and ‘old-fashioned’. This couldn’t be further from the truth! It is a genre that is rich with beautiful music, expressing every imaginable emotion, and telling so many brilliant stories throughout history. Playing classical music to young children has been proven to help with their cognitive development, to develop their imaginations, and also to produce a calming effect.  Continue reading “Classical Music for Children – An Introduction”

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A Game of Musical Memories


Let’s play a game! Music is one of the most powerful triggers we have available to us. Hearing a certain song or piece of music can instantly take us back to a different time or place, and memories can be stirred that were long forgotten. It can change our mood, and have a great impact on how we live our lives. Recent studies show that it can even change the way foods taste (check out this very cool video experiment with Marcus Wareing)! You can learn a great deal about someone from their music tastes, and the songs and pieces that trigger their most special memories. I propose that we flood the internet with musical nostalgia, and share those moments that mean the most to us. To join in, simply click through to this Facebook link, add your contribution, and tag three people to share theirs! Continue reading “A Game of Musical Memories”

My Solihull Article: Nurturing Musical Ability from Birth to Forever

nurturing musical ability

I was very excited this month to feature in a local magazine, My Solihull. It was great to get the opportunity to explain why music is so important in the lives of our children. I was also able to give examples of some simple ways you can begin to do this at home! It is really easy to begin nurturing your child’s musical ability. Here is the article that was printed: Continue reading “My Solihull Article: Nurturing Musical Ability from Birth to Forever”

Sensory Tools: The Essential Items Missing from Your Pregnancy Wish-List

pregnancy wish-list

You’ve bought your pram, car seat and cot. You’ve got nappies, wipes, and muslins coming out of your ears. You’re fully prepped for night feeds and teething, and you have outfits for everyday of your babies first year! There’s nothing left to tick off your pregnancy wish-list, right? The first few weeks are a warm, cuddly, sleep-deprived blur. But what about after you’ve survived those? What about when your baby first begins to open their eyes and look at the world? How are you going to start playing and interacting with your little one?  Continue reading “Sensory Tools: The Essential Items Missing from Your Pregnancy Wish-List”