Step 7: Watch Live Music

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To really inspire your children, you need to show them musicians that they can aspire to. There is nothing like live music to ignite a fire and a passion for performance. Children can have a whole new sound world opened up to them, and seeing their favourite musicians performing can give them so much motivation. For young children, the whole experience can be very special – the venue, the lights, the sounds…all contribute to a brilliant sensory show.

Attend live music concerts

Surprise your kids with tickets to see their favourite bands – watching the music the love can be really educational! Look out for music concerts and events in your area, and book tickets to take your children. Professional orchestras, theatres, and ballet companies often do outreach work, with shows and workshops designed especially for youngsters. Sign up to their newsletters, like them on Facebook, and look out for their seasonal productions. For my latest round-up of must-see musical shows nationwide, click here.

Watch musicals 

Musicals are truly magical for children. They demonstrate so many art forms, all rolled into one – music, art, literature, dance, costume and set design… the list goes on. The stories are inspiring, and many of the children’s musicals leave you feeling that just about anything is possible. They are pricy, but so worth it! Some of the best West End shows for kids include:

  • Matilda
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • The Lion King
  • Aladdin
  • Wicked
  • School of Rock

Support local talent

For a much cheaper ticket price, you can see a whole wealth of amateur concerts and productions in your area:

  • Check out local theatres to see pantos, musicals, and dance shows. The budget may sometimes be a little lacking, but they are good fun, and a cheap way to hear lots of different live music.
  • Look out for local festivals. There are often music competitions, or festivals celebrating specific genres, in town halls and similar venues. Tickets are usually free or very cheap, and children will enjoy the variety showcased at these events.
  • Pay attention to carol singers, Salvation Army bands, and buskers. When you actually stop to look for it, you soon realise how much live music is surrounding us all the time – we’re just too busy to notice!

Show your children the value of all music, and saturate your lives with it!

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