Step 6: Dance

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Show children how you can move with music. Dancing is great for the soul, and your children will love to watch you dance, and to dance with you. It will keep you all fit, and keep your house lively and full of joy. Dancing is a brilliant new way for your children to express themselves.

March, Twirl, Cha-Cha…

Waltz, tango, salsa…It doesn’t matter how you dance, as long as you move with energy and commitment. Put on some feel-good music, and dance all your worries away. Listen to classical music as you glide around the room. Variety is the key here, and dancing will encourage your children to really listen to the different sounds you expose them to.

  • As babies, dance with them in your arms. The gentle rocking motion will be so soothing, and they will benefit from the feel-good hormones you produce. There is nothing so special as the feeling of dancing round the room with your children in your arms

  • As they become more mobile, hold onto their hands as you dance with them. Do dances with lots of actions, to help improve their balance and coordination
  • Older children can dance solo, or even with partners. Always support them, and never laugh at their dancing (however funny it may be) – encourage them, and they will grow up loving it!
  • Consider booking some dance lessons for those that really enjoy it. Don’t worry about ‘gender-appropriate’ dancing – pick a class that incorporates lots of different styles, and learn which ones your little one loves the most!

Watch as much dance as you can

  • Watch Strictly Come Dancing – enjoy the glitz and glamour, the lights and costumes, and the fantastic orchestra!
  • Attend the ballet – read up on the stories of Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Cinderella, and The Nutcracker, before spending an evening enjoying the magic of the ballet.
  • Watch local dance festivals – visit your nearest theatre, look out for street festivals, and keep your eyes peeled for flash mobs

Move like nobody is watching, and dance your way through your kids’ childhoods!

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