September 2017: 4 Best Children’s Books (With A Musical Theme)

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Books are definitely one of J’s favourite things. They are one of the only things that he will sit still long enough to enjoy. Whenever he is upset, they are sure to calm him down. He has his favourites, but is happy to sit with any book as long as someone is reading it to him. With September now upon us, my attention is slowly turning towards the unmentionable…Christmas! I know that he will be getting lots of lovely books from Father Christmas, as this is where I need your assistance. What books would you most highly recommend for a boy, aged 18 months and beyond? What are your absolute essentials that feature on your children’s bookshelves? I’d love some help please! In the meantime, here are our 4 best children’s books from September 2017:

1. Say Goodnight To The Sleepy Animals – Ian Whybrow & Ed Eaves

This story was featured in a recent Lullaby Singalong Special that we ran – you can watch it below! It’s a really lovely bedtime story, helping your child to wind down before bed. It follows Cat as he goes to say goodnight to all the animals outside. It has some nice rhyming phrases, and lots of animals noises to make your child smile. This encourages them to join in with saying goodnight to everyone before they go to sleep. Very gentle and very calming.

2. HONK on the Road! 

HONK on the Road! is a great noisy book for all little ones obsessed with vehicles. J absolutely loves watching fire engines and police cars at the moment, and his attention is held for hours by lorries and buses. This book consolidates all their favourites into one colourful book. There are pictures of all the different vehicles, with buttons to press to make some very loud sounds! It’ll grow with them as well, as each page is full of cool facts.

3. Clap Your Hands – David Ellwand

Clap Your Hands is a fab picture book to accompany the well-loved song. It is a fairly large board book, so all the pictures are clear, and the actions are well drawn-out. The book works through all the famous verses – ‘If you’re happy and you know it…clap your hands, stomp your feet, jump up high, etc.’, encouraging the simple following of instructions. It definitely works best if you sing it though, so make sure you really get involved!

4. Family London: Fun Days Out with Children from Tots to Teens

I love this book! This is one for the parents rather than the kids, but it’s an absolute joy to look through. Having grown up there, London is one of my favourite places in the world. However, visiting it with little ones in tow is a rather different experience to our pre-children days of bar-hopping and other adult activities. This book has it all covered, from playgrounds and secret gardens, to cafes and restaurants. It has advise and suggestion for kids of all ages, pointing out the city’s most child-friendly offerings. Amongst hundreds of lovely ideas, are lots of places with musical elements as well – always a bonus for us.


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