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J is now 3 months old! Where is the time going?! Luke and I are having so much fun with him, watching and helping him to learn every single day. One thing we’ve particularly enjoyed is attending Rhythm Time Young Baby classes. This is a UK franchise of music and sensory classes for babies and toddlers. We started their young baby class when J was just 5 weeks old! He slept through the first 2 classes, cried through the 3rd and 4th, and has loved it ever since.

Starting the class

Each class begins with a welcome song, where we sing ‘Hello’ to all the babies. We are introduced to Ratatat and Arabella – two lovely characters that make an appearance at all of the classes. This is followed by several songs with actions, focusing on different parts of their bodies, and mobilising them. We do some aerobic exercises, to get their arms and legs moving.

Tummy Time

There is often a short period spent on ‘Tummy Time’, helping to strengthen their neck muscles to prepare for crawling when they are older. There is always some time spent with shakers and other simple instruments, encouraging them to follow the different sounds with their eyes. We dance with our babies, and encourage them to look at and communicate with each other. We use a sensory blanket to show them different colours and textures, and use a variety of tools and materials such as bubbles, foil, and lights to enhance their senses. It is a lovely, sociable 30 minutes, and a highlight of all of our weeks!


Benefits for young babies

These are very simple ideas, but it is refreshing to reinforce the things we do at home, within a group. It is great for J to be around other babies, while spending time doing some of our favourite activities. It is great for bonding, and singing is excellent for his language development. His motor skills are improving as well, through the use of aerobic movement, as demonstrated in the class. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone looking for ways to play with their young babies – they’re fab!

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