Red Nose Day: Worst Ever Comic Relief Songs…

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Red Nose Day takes place every 2 years, to raise money for all number of fantastic causes across the UK and Africa. There is always a great build up to the day, with local organisations fundraising, and people taking part in sponsored events. Cakes are baked, walks are walked, and bad habits are given up, all in the name of charity. The Friday night is always one of the best TV nights of the year, with many celebrities joining together for entertain and raise money.

And then there is the song….

Every time Comic Relief comes around, they release a song to raise money for charity. Fantastic. A great initiative! But the song is always dreadful….! Usually comically bad, but I guess that’s the point!!

So today, in the name of a bit of fun, I thought I’d pick out the very WORST of these Comic Relief hits! What do you think?

1. Spirit in the Sky – Gareth Gates and The Kumars (2003)

Gareth Gates, and his infamous hairstyle are a real blast from the past – and this has to be one of the worst music videos ever made as well!

2. I Want To Be Elected – Smear Campaign

Featuring ‘Mr Bean’, Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, and Angus Deayton, I think this is supposed to be a funny political statement, but it’s just a bit weird. And not exactly one you can sing along to!

3. I Know Him So Well – Susan Boyle & Peter Kay

This video shows just a snippet of this dreadful recording – the full version seems to have been deleted from the internet, perhaps for the good of humanity!

4. One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) – One Direction

Loved by young girls across the UK, One Direction didn’t quite have the rockstar image needed to pull off this track…

5. Uptown Girl – Westlife

For me, this is the worst ever Comic Relief song!! Perhaps because I loved the original so much – unfortunately, Westlife totally crucified this.

To donate to Comic Relief, click here. 

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