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Your baby’s first year is full of so many changes! To begin with, the main focus is on feeding, sleeping, and soothing. Once you’ve got the hang of that, you may find yourself wondering how to play with this tiny little baby. These recommendations are by no means essential. However, they are things that we found incredibly useful during J’s first year. He loves them all, and has made great leaps in his development by engaging with these lovely toys and books. I would be very grateful for any other suggestions and recommendations that you can add to this list. Please send them to

Recommended Toys:

Musical Sensory Box

march 2017 musical sensory box

Click here to purchase a Musical Sensory Box

A Musical Sensory Box is a great way to start your collection of things to entice and play with your baby. It contains 7 carefully selected items, to help develop their sense of sound, sight, and touch. As well as the items in the box, you will also get exclusive access to games and activities online, which you can use to engage with you young baby. These grow with your baby, with ideas from newborn – 6 months. 

Halilit Musical Instruments

Halilit make the best instruments for babies! They are brilliant for little fingers. The handles are tiny, so your baby will be able to grab hold quite easily. All small parts are completely sealed, so they are safe to put in their mouth. They are colourful, noisy, and very enticing!

Bubble Machine

Bubbles are a wonderful sensory tool for babies! They are fascinating, and brilliant for eye-tracking. They can be very calming, and a lovely activity to enjoy together.

Recommended Books:

I would highly recommend always purchasing your books from Wordery! 9 times out of 10 they are cheaper than anywhere else, and they have free (very fast) delivery. Amazing service!

Quiet LOUD – Leslie Petricelli

This is a fab board book for babies! Lots of opportunity for doing different sound effects, and a great way to get some laughs from your little one.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen

This is old-school, but very effective! Such a classic adventure story, with a great song to go with it (check out youtube if you don’t know it)

Nursery Rhyme Books

Incy Wincy Spider

mary had a little lamb

5 little monkeys

There are so many to choose from, but I especially love these finger puppet books. You put your finger through the puppet in the middle of the book, and can wiggle and dance as you sing through the nursery rhyme.

It’s A Little Baby – Julia Donaldson & Rebecca Cobb

it's a little baby

Written by the same author as The Gruffalo, this book has flaps to lift, a song to sing, and loads of actions to do. A really lovely book!