Online Piano & Theory Lessons – Revolutionising Music Lessons

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We have some exciting news at Elegie School of Music! As of January 2017, we will be trialling a new online system of piano and theory teaching. It will be most suitable for secondary age and adult students, with an ability level of Grade 4 and above.

We regularly find that older students have many more commitments and time constraints than younger children. They enjoy their music lessons but struggle to make a good amount of progress between classes. With just one week between lessons, other obligations take priority. There is just not enough time to do a sufficient amount of practise. It is then frustrating to students to find that lessons then become repetitive. Instead of moving on to new techniques and repertoire, they often need to practise the previous week’s material.


We are seeking to change this! Using a new online software called Cadenza, we are offering the following, for the price of £50 per month:

  • One hour one-to-one lesson per calendar month, taught in your home
  • Unlimited online contact time, using Cadenza. You can send videos and recordings of your practise, to receive feedback from us. You can write notes about things you are struggling with between lessons, for us to help you with. We can move goal posts, set additional tasks, and ensure that you are practising efficiently.
  • We can set you new music and keep in touch between lessons. This will help you to reach goals much more quickly.

Watch the video below to learn more about Cadenza and how it works:

Piano Students

For piano students, lessons will be used to set new repertoire and demonstrate new techniques to work on. Cadenza can then be used as regularly as the student chooses, to send recordings of their practise, and any notes or questions. We will guarantee a response within 24 hours – either a written answer, or sound or video recording. This will depend on the nature of the correspondence.

Theory Students 

For theory students, lessons will be used to teach new ideas, and give an overview of a particular topic. Cadenza can then be used to set specific exercises, which the student can complete and return to us to mark. Again, we will guarantee a response within 24 hours.


We believe that this will be a more effective form of learning than weekly 30 minute lessons. We have identified the following benefits:

  • Students will have more time between lessons to really work on a technique/piece. As students get older and more advanced, they do not require so much contact time, as they are able to figure out the notes/rhythms/basic ideas themselves. They do not need us to note-learn with them.
  • Lessons can become more about musicality, and dealing with problems that the student cannot correct themselves.
  • Students are more likely to practise something well for a recording, than they are for a music lesson. Just the simple act of recording something will ensure that lots more practise goes into it
  • With a lower monthly cost, students will get better value for money.  We charge £30 per hour for one-to-one lessons, therefore costing most students £60 per month for 2 hours of contact. Cadenza will cost £50 per month for 1 hour of one-to-one contact, plus unlimited online contact!
  • Having regular contact with a teacher between lessons will ensure that a student spreads their practise evenly through the month. This is much better than cramming everything into the morning of a weekly lesson
  • Lesson times can be more flexible, to fit around a busy schedule and other commitments

To enquire about our new online system, email Lauren at

Click here to sign up to Cadenza.

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