My Solihull Article: Nurturing Musical Ability from Birth to Forever

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I was very excited this month to feature in a local magazine, My Solihull. It was great to get the opportunity to explain why music is so important in the lives of our children. I was also able to give examples of some simple ways you can begin to do this at home! It is really easy to begin nurturing your child’s musical ability. Here is the article that was printed:

Nurturing Musical Ability from Birth to Forever 

From pregnancy to birth and throughout childhood, hearing music and participating in making sounds has been shown to help with developing social skills and self-esteem. It can give children a super sense of achievement, learning new skills and showing-off what they’ve practiced. Learning to listen has been shown to help with memory skills and singing develops and advances speech skills and vocabulary.

Most music teachers will give one-to-one instrumental tuition only when a child reaches 5yrs old. However, important groundwork can be done at home during those important early years. Try some of these ideas to nurture musical development:

  • First, listen regularly to a variety of musical styles in your home and the car. Encourage a discussion about how music or a song, makes your child feel, hearing it.
  • Use rhythm whenever you can. Clap along to music, tap different rhythms and use different sounds to create patterns.
  • Read stories that have a strong sense of rhyme and emphasise the rhythm with actions – clapping or toe tapping.

Sing nursery rhymes with actions and songs that your child can join in with. For example:

Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Do They Wobble to and Fro?
Can You Tie Them in a Knot?
Can You Tie Them in a Bow?
Can You Throw Them Over Your Shoulder Like a Continental Soldier?
Do your ear, hang, low….

  • Build a treasure chest of simple, colourful instruments – shakers, tambourines and sleigh bells.

By encouraging your child’s musical education you give them a gift which they’ll love all their lives and may even support a future career. They will flourish from it.

Written by:

Lauren Elliott MA BMus(Hons) is cofounder of Elegie School of Music, and mum to 6-month old Jack. Follow her simple 10-step program to create a home that is filled with music, laughter and happiness.

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