New Year’s Resolutions 2017

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The best New Year’s resolution I ever made was at the start of 2014. Luke and I resolved to say ‘yes’ more, to not make excuses, and to make the most of the year. We stuck to it completely – attending more parties, day trips and holidays than ever. I completed my Master’s degree, we got engaged, and we saw more of friends and family than ever before! When asking others what their New Year’s resolutions are, I often hear the same list: to stop smoking/drinking, to lose weight, and to save money. While these things may be important, this year I am focusing on more sustainable goals. I hope to create a happier and more fulfilled family home for myself, Luke and J. 

1. To continue saying ‘yes’ to invitations and offers (one of my past New Year’s Resolutions really)

One of my favourite New Year’s Resolutions, this really did change our lives a few years ago! Since J was born in August, it has been easy to slip into the habit of being selective with arrangements. The effort required to get out of the house with a newborn has meant that sometimes we haven’t managed to. Now that J is 4 months old, we are in a much better routine. We would like to spend 2017 making memories that we can treasure. We have spent Christmas with my family in London, and are in the North with Luke’s family for New Year. It has been like a military operation to get everything packed up, but we have loved every single second. We will spend more time next year visiting friends, booking trips and days-out, and using our Sundays to take J to experience new things!

2. Mono-task instead of multi-task

In a fast-paced world filled with technology, it is easy to become distracted from the things that are really important. I find myself watching the TV, while working on my laptop, and checking Facebook every 5 minutes on my phone. Or I will sit down to a particular task, and find that an hour has past without me focusing on it at all. J’s first few months have already flown by, and I am determined not to miss any of his precious moments because I am too distracted by other things. When he has my attention, it will be undivided. Likewise, when I am working, I will try to work more efficiently, focusing properly on the job at hand. Doing things one-at-a-time, instead of juggling half a dozen, may be the key to getting more done, and making the most of everyday.

3. See more live music

As a music-loving family, we are constantly listening to music, old and new. Spotify is on from the moment we wake up, and we have made great efforts to make J’s life a musical one. However, there are many artists that we talk about watching but never get round to it. Last year, Luke and I saw Diana Ross in Vegas, and this year Luke saw Stevie Wonder in Hyde Park. These were once-in-a-lifetime experiences that were completely unforgettable, and will be talked about and relived through our entire lives. After the loss of so many national treasures in 2016, I don’t want us to miss our opportunity to see so many superstars, who have provided the soundtrack to our lives.

There are also some wonderful concerts and events for children, which we plan to attend whenever possible. It really never is too early to get the kids involved!

Each of these New Year’s resolutions have been devised in order to make our lives richer, and more full with the people we love. I could resolve to be healthier next year, or to have more money, but it is memories and experiences that really make us happy. I wish you all a really happy New Year, and look forward to a fun-filled 2017!


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