My Birth Story

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Being a first-time mum has been a very hectic, very steep, learning curve! This is why, over a month after the birth of my son, I am only just getting round to writing his birth story. J was born at 3.25am on 4th August 2016, weighing 7lb 5oz. Luke and I have fallen in love with him! The rush of love we felt when we first saw him has not lessened and, despite our exhaustion and sleepless nights, we are enjoying every minute of parenthood.


During my pregnancy, and in the lead up to J’s birth, I was very keen to use music to help me. I had playlists that I listened to each day, with the intention of introducing him to music before he was even born. I used dance and yoga to help prepare my body for birth. Music was planned for each stage of labour, from my first contraction, right through to the birth itself. I outlined all of this and more in my post Preparing For Birth With The Use Of Music

So, did it work??? Well…


At 7.00pm on 3rd August, I thought my waters might have gone. Unsure of whether or not they had, I waited 30 minutes before calling Lucina Ward at Coventry Hospital. They told us to go in, so we set off, listening to Radio 3 in the car on the way there. On arrival, with no sign of any contractions, or other indications of labour beginning, they sent us home to wait for things to get started. We arrived home at about 11pm, made some sandwiches, and started to head to bed, when I felt a slight twinge. And then another. And then another.

The contractions felt quite strong, but I kept very calm, listening to my relaxing playlist, while leaning over my birthing ball so that Luke could rub my back. The hospital told us to keep going as, being my first baby, we probably had a long way to go! Luke ran me a bath and I relaxed while listening to The Calm Birth School’s ‘Birth Rehearsal’ MP3.( After listening to this twice through, I realised that the contractions were coming almost without break…

Luke somehow managed to get me in the car. Coventry Hospital was 30 mins away, and we had no diesel. He made it to the motorway, where 2 lanes were closed. Again, he blasted Radio 3, and I groaned long tonal sounds along to it, breathing through my contractions.  By the time we arrived at the hospital, I was fully dilated, and the baby was on its way! Luke was brilliant. He ensured that we were taken to an atmospheric room in Lucina. He made sure the pool was run for me, despite the midwives not thinking they had time. J was born in the pool, while Beethoven’s Coriolan Overture was blasting!

How Music Helped Me

So, things didn’t entirely go to plan. It was a very fast and very intense labour, and I nearly allowed fear to creep in several times, especially when I thought I wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time. However, all the music I listened to was a great distraction. It allowed my mind to stay in a semi-conscious state, causing my body to take over and do what it needed to. It was easier to remember my breathing exercises when there was a pulse to count to. And it felt great to scream and groan along to some epic music on the journey. I had carefully planned the music I had wanted to listen to during my labour. However, as it turned out, it was just great to feel the power of any music!

J is a beautiful little boy, who loves music as well. He is getting exposed to so many of our favourite pieces, just as he was when I was pregnant. We are incorporating it into his life in so many ways, and I can’t wait to share these with you over the coming months!

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