3 Musical Baby Clothing Brands You MUST See – May 2017

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We all know how adorable baby clothing can be! Those tiny little vests, cute onesies, and adorable soft shoes. We take so many snaps to capture our little ones when they are young, and I’m always on the hunt for some clothing that really stands out. This month, I’ve compiled a list of my top 3 brands for music-inspired clothes. These are really unique, really quirky, and really cool. Some can be personalised, and all will bring a smile to your face. Check out these cool cats: 

1. Gaga Kidz: Rock the High Chair

Bib, £7.00


These guys have such cool designs – their products make such great gifts. We tried one of their bibs, with a print of some headphones coming round J’s neck – very cute. This can also be printed onto a vest or a t-shirt, in white, pink, blue, or yellow. As well as this musical design, they have other quirky ideas – stethoscopes, cameras, chains, sunglasses. There are loads of opportunities to personalise their clothing, with names or other unique ideas. The bib was a good size to protect J’s clothing, and the quality of the print was great.

2. Stampit Studio

Vest, £12.86


If you’re looking for something really original, this is the brand to use. Based in Isreal, their clothes are made using hand-carved stamps! They are very eye-catching, and look very retro. Printed onto mainly vests or t-shirts, there is a design for everyone – but I absolutely love this ‘Music in my soul’ vest that J is wearing! The musicians look brilliant.

3. Daisy Dot Flamingo

Vest, £9.00


Slogans are this company’s speciality, and there are dozens of cool baby designs! I love this ‘Future Rock Star’ vest, and it’s lovely to have something with J’s name printed on it. I have also never come across such a soft vest before! Their designs are really funny, and make a great gift for baby showers and new babies.

I’m always on the look out for music-inspired clothing – which are your favourites?

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