Music-Inspired Decor for your Nursery & Child’s Bedroom

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This month, I would like to share with you something a little different – music-inspired decor for your nursery and child’s bedroom. I often find music decorations a little twee, to be honest, and a bit over the top. They can be a bit impersonal in the home, and look more like they belong in a studio. However, I have come across some gorgeous pieces recently, which look really special in J’s bedroom. Whether you are going all out with a nursery-rhyme theme, or whether you would just like some quirky little touches, I hope you enjoy this collection of decor.

Light-Up Star – New Look, £14.99

This rose-gold star is a lovely addition to any bedroom. It comes with a black marker to write a message on the white board, which is then lit up when you turn it on. Great for leaving cute messages for your little ones, or for writing the words to their favourite nursery rhymes like we’ve done with J’s one.


Personalised Teepee – When Lulu Met Weasel, £89

This is my favourite new addition to J’s grown-up toddler bedroom! It is a grey and cream teepee, with stars and J’s name stitched at the top. We have decorated it with fairy lights (which were kindly included in our parcel), a cosy blanket, and all of J’s favourite teddies. During the day, he loves to use it as a den. He hides in it and takes all his favourite toys in. At nighttime, it becomes the perfect setting for a magical story time. He has his milk in there, while choosing a story from his basket of books. He gets really sleepy and cosy as he sings his favourite lullabies. It’s a great way to soothe him before he goes to bed.

This is a great piece to add to any nursery, to give it a more grown-up feel for your favourite little person. The teepees come in a wide range of colours, and personalisation is included.

Personalised Song Sound Wave Print – Not On The High Street, from £24

I love this print, and think it looks so subtle and unique. You select a song that is special to you, and the company will form and print the sound waves pattern for you. You can then add some text above and below it, to show exactly what it is, and why it is important to you. Luke and I actually had one gifted to us when we got married. Ours uses the sound waves from L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole, which was our first dance. However, I think this would be lovely in a nursery, using a song that is important to your baby. You could even use the song they were born to. It is very minimalist, and would fit right in with any theme.

Personalised Frame – Personalise Your Things, from £15

This was a gift from a friend of ours, Amy, who makes some beautiful personalised bits. She made it when J was born, and it looks lovely on his bedroom wall. It’s lovely to have something with your child’s name on it, to give them a real sense of ownership in their room as they get older. It’ll make a great keepsake in years to come as well.

Amy also made us this personalised vinyl record when we got married. It’s another fab way to remember a special song, and a special moment. It would look lovely in any room, and could even be something to consider in a child’s room!

And something that money can’t buy

I’m afraid this is something that is not for sale, but I wanted to share it with you as I love it so much. It is a quilt, started by my wonderful Nan before she passed away, and completed by a very talented lady, Flora. My Nan made some beautiful quilts, and this was her final project. She started it without my knowledge, and sadly never got to finish it. She had selected the most gorgeous musical fabrics, and it is the most special item in J’s room. Although he never got to meet his Great-Nan, wrapping him up in this is like giving him a great big cuddle from her.

Quilts are a gorgeous way to bring a room together. The fabrics can be so personal, and really help to complete a theme. If you have the opportunity to have one made, take it – it’s such a special item to hold.


Disclaimer: Some of these items were kindly gifted to us. I would never recommend a product that I didn’t truly love.

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