Megson’s Family Folk Show – J’s First Concert!

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Yesterday, we took J to see his first ever concert – and what a lovely choice it was! J is 7 months old, and it is really difficult to find live music events that he is welcome at. Megson’s Family Folk Show is the perfect introduction to live music, for children aged 0-7 years.  Megson are a husband and wife folk duo, Stu and Debbie. This pair created a wonderful relaxed and child-friendly, family atmosphere.

Quacking, Wiggling, and Dancing! 

Megson engaged with their young audience right from the start. They encouraged them to join in with animal noises (the ‘quacking’ was especially popular), and to make suggestions for weird and wacky lyrics. The children were dancing from the very first number. Taken from their album When I Was a Lad, ‘Baby and the Band’ is one of Megson’s original children’s folk songs. The kids were asked to ‘wiggle’ while they sang! The fresh, simple blend of harmonies, and use of repetition and refrain makes their songs very easy for little children to listen to and understand.

Stu introduced the children to several of their instruments, and explained how they make a sound. They had a very interesting selection, which appealed to the toddlers in the audience. The banjo was a sure favourite with the kids! There was a good balance of original songs and folk arrangements of nursery, which built the momentum nicely through the 40 minute concert. There was a space in front of the stage for youngsters to dance and join in with actions for songs such as ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and ‘Wind the Bobbin’ Up’.

J’s Reaction to Megson


J with his ‘I danced at Megson’s Family Folk Show’ sticker!

J was completely mesmerised throughout the concert. It wasn’t too long, and it held his attention with lots of variety. All of the young babies in the audience looked very peaceful, as Debbie’s voice is very soothing and comforting. Looking out across the audience, it was lovely to see so many toddlers twirling and singing and dancing. Parents were able to move around, and even leave the room if necessary, due to the very relaxed atmosphere.

J’s first concert was a brilliant experience that I would highly recommend. Taking young children to see live music is a magical experience, which allows them the chance to learn how different sounds are made. Don’t be afraid of theatre etiquette. Performances for young children are very easy-going, and nobody will judge you if your little one is a bit restless!

It’s not too late to see Megson’s Family Folk Show with your children! They will be performing  the show in London on Saturday 25th March – buy your tickets here. 

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