May 2017: 4 Best Children’s Books (With A Musical Theme)

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We have read to J at bedtime since he was just a few weeks old, but now we are enjoying more story times during the day as well. This month we have incorporating reading into his play, especially as he is now on the move. We select a few different books, scatter them on the floor around his bedroom, and allow him the chance to crawl to the one he would like to read. Real favourites are emerging from this game! It’s so interesting to see which books he crawls straight past, and those that he chooses every time. We’ve mostly been using board books for this game, so that he can play with them without causing too much damage. Proper story books are being saved for bedtime reading. Here are out 4 favourite books for May 2017:

1. One Ted Falls Out Of Bed – Julia Donaldson

Suitable for: Age 2 – 5 years

This is a very sweet bedtime counting story, by the author of The Gruffalo. It is all about Ted, who falls out of bed, and his journey to snuggle back with his little owner. There are some lovely rhymes and illustrations, as Ted goes on his adventure. It is a little Toy Story-esque, as the world of toys comes alive, creating a nice dreamy atmosphere before your little one goes off to sleep.

2. Bears in a Band – Shirley Parenteau

Suitable for: Age 2 – 5 years

This is a really cool book! It follows the story of 4 noisy bears, in their quest to form a band. They each choose an instrument, but make such a racket that they wake up Big Brown Bear! This book introduces 4 different instruments: bells, a drum, a horn, and some cymbals. There are loads of musical words in here, teaching all about the idea of a conductor, and the importance of listening and watching each other. If you’re feeling creative, you can really go to town with sound effects and play-acting while enjoying this story!

3. Dear Zoo – Rod Campbell

Suitable for: Age 1 – 5 years

There are so many different versions of this book, but we have been enjoying the ‘noisy’ one this month! It goes through all the different animals at the zoo, with noisy buttons on the side to press as you go through. There are 8 different sounds, which match the very clear pictures and simple storyline. This is a great book for young children.

4. Old MacDonald – Puzzle Book

books may 2017

Suitable for: Age 2 – 5 years

This is a great book for those that love the song! It has a twist though – each of the Old MacDonald rhymes are slightly different to the version you and I know…Good for introducing some variation if you’ve been driven mad by repeating the same nursery rhyme words over and over. This book also has a jigsaw puzzle to complete on each page – they are fairly tricky, but little ones will still enjoy the song until they are old enough for the puzzles.


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