Musicals for Children: Matilda

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Children’s musicals are so magical! They incorporate wonderful music, dance, acting, movement, costumes, and set design, to tell the most engaging stories. Matilda is one of the best West End musicals to take your kids to at the moment. I saw it with 3 other adults, and we loved it – but the theatre was full of children laughing their heads off! The songs are hilarious, the child actors are incredible, and we left feeling so warm and inspired.


Matilda is one of Roald Dahl’s best-loved books. It tells the story of a little girl (Matilda) who is unloved and unwanted by her parents. She is an exceptional child, of extreme intelligence, who battles against the nasty grown-ups in her life (both at home and at school). Whenever she is wronged by her parents, or by her Headteacher (Miss Trunchball), she plays tricks on them to get her own back. With the support of her friends and school teacher (Miss Honey), she gets the better of all of them, and consequently creates a much happier life for herself. It is full of magic, and naughtiness, and courage – a brilliantly funny and inspiring story for children.


The music is written by Tim Minchin, and is wonderfully clever and funny. Every number has witty lyrics, which have children and adults roaring with laughter. Here are some of the best to listen out for:

Revolting Children

This song is absolutely FULL of energy! Sung towards the end of the show, the children all ‘revolt’ by singing about how ‘revolting’ they are. The choreography is fantastic, as they take over the classroom and dance all over their desks. The refrain is very catchy, and there is a clever passage involving some pretty dodgy spellings – this one will be stuck in your head for days.

When I Grow Up

Such a lovely number – this is all about the cool things that children want to do when they grow up. It is filled with innocent hope and naivety, as they wish for things like:

  • Eating sweets all day
  • Staying up late every night
  • Watching cartoons until their eyes go square

It has a simple child’s melody, and this video demonstrates the carelessness with which it is sung, as they swing their worries away. It will fill children with warmth, and also give adults a sweet insight into the minds of their little ones.

School Song

This is one of the lesser known songs from the show, but it is one of my favourites! The children are singing about all the most dreadful things about school, working their way through the alphabet as they do so. It is brilliantly clever, with lots of great sounds and words.

‘Matilda’ activities to try at home

  • The ‘Matilda’ website is fantastic. It has some really great resources and ideas for activities to try at home with your children. There are videos by Tim Minchin about how he wrote the music, as well as lots of worksheets to use at your leisure – I would highly recommend checking them out here!


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