March 2017 – 3 Best Musical Toys for Babies

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Enjoy my selection of the best musical toys on the market in March 2017! All have been tested and loved by 7-month-old J:

1. Musical Mum – Musical Sensory Box 

march 2017 musical sensory box

Suitable for: 0-12 months

This month, J and I have been choosing things to include in my Musical Sensory Box. I wanted to find a solution to the difficulty of finding ways to play with and stimulate your young baby. This box provides you with lots of ideas to encourage their early development. The items contained are not toys – they are not for your baby to play with directly, or to put in their mouths. They are objects for adults to use, to engage with their babies, and help with their sensory curiosity. I have focused on three senses: seeing, hearing, and touching. The seven sensory items contained in the Musical Sensory Box, will help to encourage all of these things!

Included in the Musical Sensory Box is an exclusive online access code, to find ideas for games and activities using each of the sensory items. These will grow with your child, containing suggestions for newborn, 3 months, and 6 months.

The Musical Sensory Box is now available, and costs £19.99. It makes the perfect gift for baby showers or new arrivals, if you are looking for a unique gift. For more information about the content of a Musical Sensory Box, click here.

2. Baby Einstein – Keys to Discover Piano


Suitable for: 6 – 12 months old

This is one of the cutest little musical toys, which is perfect for a little ‘extra’ present. It has light up ‘black’ keys, and numbered white keys. When pressed, the white keys play one of six classical melodies, or says the numbers in English, Spanish and French. This toy is very easy for little ones to hold, and the keys depress very easily. It is bright and appealing, and small enough to pop in your bag when you’re going out. It is lovely to have a baby’s toy that plays tunes by Mozart and Handel, rather than just the nursery rhymes they usually play.

3. My Child Coupe Walker


Suitable for: 6 – 12 months

J has the red and black model, but I love that there is a more girly option as well! This is a lovely first walker for your baby. It has a padded, comfortable seat, and lots of growing room. There is a ‘road’ mat that clips underneath, for littler legs to rest on if they are not yet tall enough to reach the floor. The base of the car can be converted into a rocker, or clicked back to its wheels. This makes it ideal for babies around 5 months onwards, as you can use the wheels only when they can comfortably touch the floor.

One of J’s favourite aspects of this car, is the ‘controls’ at the front. There is a gear stick, steering wheel, and several buttons, which all make lots of cool noises! It revs, beeps, plays tunes, rattles, clicks…all brilliant for learning about cause-and-effect, and for keeping your baby occupied when you need 5 minutes. A tray is revealed underneath when you remove these controls. When J gets bored of the buttons, this is great for resting other toys on. It makes quite a good little table, and he’s even had his snacks on there.

car 1 musical toys

My only complaint is that the wheels don’t always turn very easily – but then J is using this on laminate floor, so sometimes they just glide over the wood. This isn’t really a big issue though, as it still moves comfortably, and J has had hours of entertainment in it already!

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