March 2017 – Best of Children’s Books (With a Musical Theme)

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This month we’ve been enjoying some ‘noisier’ books! J is now 7 months old, and he finds it hilarious when Luke and I put on different voices. He loves all variety of sound effects, and is very entertained when we vary the pitch and speed of our reading. He also enjoys sing-song tones, and likes the repetition of his favourite songs. If we start singing while reading, he turns his head in wonder and delight.  My favourite books this month reflect all of these things – they are great fun to read and interact with. Here are my top choices of books for March 2017:

1. Baby Touch and Feel: Farm


Suitable from birth

This is a lovely board book, with lots of great textures to touch, and different materials to look at. Even more appealing is the variety of sounds you can use as you work through the book, looking at all the things you can find on a farm. The sounds made by each animal/object are written on each page, so the only thing you need is lots of enthusiasm and a loud voice! This book is also a nice size for little fingers – J enjoys flicking through it on his own as well.

2. This is NOT a Bedtime Story


Suitable for: Age 3 years +

This book is much too old for J at the moment, but he still enjoys looking through the pictures, and listening to all the great sound effects. It’s not an especially musical book, but I wanted to include it in this list because there are so many great opportunities to make lots of noise! It is about a little girl called Sophie, who is bored of her Dad’s usual bedtime story – she wants one all about robots and dinosaurs and rockets…Every page is more outrageous than the one before, and it’s impossible not to get carried away with Sophie’s imagination. Make sure you vocalise every crash, bang, wallop! (Please note – this is definitely NOT a bedtime story)

3. Ladybird Action Books


Suitable from birth

These colourful books are a great introduction to singing and nursery rhymes. Each board book has 5 well-known nursery rhymes, along with pictures to show the step-by-step actions for each one. While your baby is tiny, you can sing to them and do the movements yourself. As they get older, they will love to join in and show you that they can do the actions as well!

4. There’s a Bison Bouncing on the Bed – Paul Bright & Chris Chatterton

bison march 2017

Suitable from: 3 years +

I picked this book out after getting a little bored of singing ‘5 Little Monkeys’. J loves bouncing, and so this has always been a natural choice, but we needed something fresh. There are lots of cool onomatopoeia words in here, and some clever little rhymes. It also introduces some basic numbers, as additional animals keep climbing onto the bed – until it breaks…

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