Jurassic Kingdom – A Day With The Dinosaurs

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Jurassic Kingdom has arrived at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham! There’s something so fascinating about dinosaurs for children (and adults as well actually…). They are big, scary, and have really cool names. They offer a fascinating insight into what the world used to be like. Jurassic Kingdom offers to recreate a snapshot of how things were. J donned his dinosaur top and explorer’s hat, and we headed over to investigate!

We were greeted by a huge T-Rex, roaring and moving as we queued. J couldn’t take his eyes off this noisy creature, and children were running to get a closer look. The setting was absolutely perfect for a dinosaur park – it was like stepping onto the set of Jurassic Park! The Botanical Gardens are beautiful anyway, but there was something quite magical about seeing a Diplodocus sticking up in the distance, or a Pterodactyl hidden in the trees. There was a lovely route marked out, which took us on a journey of exploration through the gorgeous gardens, spotting the lifelike dinosaurs as we went.


There were over 30 animatronic dinosaurs, and they were very convincing models. They looked very real, in their size, structure, and movements. The sound of roaring and calling dinosaurs rang through the gardens, driving you forward to see what was round the next corner! They were all roped off to protect them, but there were plenty of photo opportunities for kids, and lots of props that they could climb/sit on.

It was very busy, but that is to be expected at the opening weekend. The one-way system around Jurassic Kingdom worked for the most part. As long as you keep following the signs you won’t miss anything! Parking was a bit of a nightmare, as there is not the space to park in the gardens. You can park on the streets surrounding it, but be prepared for a bit of a walk. There are lots of tempting treats as you walk around – churros, pancakes, ice creams! Maybe pack a picnic as well – the cafe was very busy at the end. There’s a gorgeous grass area, with lots of space for picnic blankets, and the chance for the children to run freely around the remaining dinosaurs – there was a really great, chilled atmosphere as everyone sat out in the sun.


What Else Can You Find?

For those that want to learn a little more from their trip, there are very informative boards next to each dinosaur. There is an education tent showing a film about the creatures, and a virtual reality experience to enjoy. The Botanical Gardens has an excellent adventure playground, for little ones to burn off any remaining energy – this was also decorated with lots of cool dinosaur props!

Even at just 9 months old, J had a fab day at Jurassic Kingdom. There was so much to look at, and the roars of the dinosaurs had his jaw dropping to the floor! There were kids up to around 10 years old, all looking thrilled at their day-out. Jurassic Kingdom is in Birmingham until 4th June, before moving on to Manchester, Blackpool, Glasgow, Newcastle, and Leeds.

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