June 2017 – 5 Best Musical Toys For Babies

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It’s been a couple of months since I posted any toy reviews, as last month we were trying out different music-themed baby clothes. We’ve been saving our very favourite musical toys to show you all now! These are educational, very fun, and make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christenings, or just because. So, here they are, the 5 best musical toys for babies in June 2017:

1. V-Tech – Baby Shake and Move Puppy 

Suitable for : 6 months – 36 months

This V-Tech puppy is at such a good price – the best I’ve seen! It comes with a bone which, when rattled, triggers the puppy to move along the floor and onto its back legs. There are 3 buttons to press on its back to learn about shapes, numbers, letters, and colours. The puppy sings, plays music, and says a selection of phrases, such as ‘can you help me find my bone?’ It is a great toy for teaching about cause-and-effect. I don’t think J has yet figured out that he causes the puppy’s movements by shaking the bone – he just likes the noise of the rattle! This is a great toy for mobile kids as well, as they can chase it around the room, and will be delighted by not knowing which may it is going to go next.

2. Halilit – Baby’s First Birthday Band

Suitable for: 6 – 18 months

These are called ‘First Birthday Band’, but are actually suitable for babies much younger than a year. Halilit instruments are brilliant! If you do any music, sign, gym, or play classes, you have probably come across these, as they are used by education practitioners all over. This set contains an ocean drum, maraca, bells, mini-rain maker, shaker, and a CD filled with lots of lovely music to play along to. They are perfect for little hands to hold, are very light. and have all small parts sealed so that they are safe to put in their mouths. J loves his instruments! This is such a great collection, with lots of variety, and loads to keep them occupied. Bought individually, Halilit instruments are a little more expensive than other brands, but this set it brilliant value.

3. Generic – Lollipop Drum

Suitable for: 6 – 36 months

If you buy just one thing this month, it HAS to be this lollipop drum! It is the simplest toy, but babies are drawn to it like magic. Honestly. J attends a weekly Rhythm Time class, and the babies literally drool when the lollipop drums come out, desperate to get their little hands on them! You’ll need to be careful that your baby doesn’t put the drumstick too far into their mouth, but they will be so delighted by the sound they can make. It has become part of J’s morning ritual to crawl past all his other toys to give his drum a good ‘bang’, before beginning his day.

4. V-Tech – Baby Sing-Along Microphone

Suitable for: 1 – 3 years

J has not yet tested this one out, as we are saving it for his first birthday! Luke and I have had a good go with it though – it’s pretty addictive. It has a cool animal theme, making lots of animal noises, as well as playing 15 different melodies. There is a style button that allows you to change between classical, jazz, and rock-and-roll styles. A lovely toy to encourage your little one to find their voice – I can’t wait to hear J’s first songs!

5. Lamaze – Gardenbug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle Set 

Suitable for: 0 – 6 months

These little wrist and foot rattles are adorable. Bright and colourful, and very well made, they are perfect for helping your little one to discover their feet! The wrist rattles velcro around their wrists, and the foot puppets slip on like socks. The exciting faces and contrasting textures and patterns make them very eye-catching for babies – they will love to look at and hear these bugs as they rattle away. These are too young for J, unfortunately, but he would have loved them in the days before he could roll over (now he won’t stay on his back for more than 5 seconds)!

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