Jo Jingles – An All-Singing, All-Dancing Music Class

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Jo Jingles is one of the longest-standing music classes for babies and young children. It is very well-established, with dozens of franchises across the country. In an age of constantly developing educational ideas, I was very keen to try out a more traditional class, whose techniques have been tried and tested over many years. Here’s what happened:


J was initially invited along to the baby Jo Jingles’ class in Solihull, suitable from 3 months to walking. However, we attended a class at the start of the summer holidays and, as numbers were low, the leader joined the babies and toddlers together. This was a fab idea, as it meant that there was still a busy room, with a fun atmosphere. J turned out to be the youngest one there, but we arrived very keen to get stuck in.

Our class was led by Lucy, who was brilliant with the kids. She knew them all by name, laughed and joked with them, and was so animated throughout. They obviously adored her, as she constantly had a bubble of excited children surrounding her!

We sang ‘Good morning’ to everyone, and met the Jo Jingles mascot – a little boy doll called Jo. He looked toddler-age, and was clearly good friends with all the children. Lucy brought Jo round to wave, cuddle, and tickle everyone, and J enjoyed studying this new guy!

Jo Jingles’ Music

All of the songs used were original Jo Jingles’ songs. They were very lively, full of energy, and great for introducing simple words. All of them were built around basic ideas, such as body parts, foods, and actions. They were catchy, and actually some of the most child-friendly songs we’ve heard at any of the classes. Easy and memorable melodies, a good tempo, and very clear words. The actions were always well explained, and lots of fun for the children to join in with.

There was a good focus on playing instruments throughout the class. We enjoyed playing with shakers and cymbals, and there is the opportunity to play at least 2 different ones every week. All of the kids were given the same instrument at the same time, which I found very helpful – J will often abandon the instrument he’s given if another baby has something he would prefer…!

We played games with stacking blocks, made lots of mess bouncing balls on the parachute, and enjoyed some lovely bubbles. The format was simple, the props were minimal, and the focus was truly on music making. Lucy was completely infectious in her enthusiasm, and the class kept moving so the children didn’t get bored.


One of the best things about Jo Jingles in their sibling policy. They are very happy for you to bring older/younger siblings to a class, and they offer a very reasonable discount for siblings. The class is fantastically inclusive, as it is adapted according to the age of the children there. It’s a great way for babies and toddlers alike to join in together, and make some great music together!

Disclosure: J and I attended a free trial session at Jo Jingles. I have not been paid to write this post, and all opinions are my own.

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