February 2017 – 5 Best Musical Toys for Babies

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Here is my pick of the top 5 musical toys for babies in February 2017! They have all been tried and loved by 6-month old J, and are lovely buys for any birthdays/Christenings/treats. 

1. Fisher Price – Puppy’s Smart Train


Suitable for: 6 months – 3 years

The wonderful thing about this toy is that it changes as your baby grows. It has a train with 2 detachable carriages, along with 3 passengers. The train can be set to move or remain still, for those babies who are not yet able to chase after it. Pressing the green funnel starts a song, and sets the train off on its journey. There are also 5 additional buttons to press, which teach about numbers, shapes and colours. There are 3 levels for each of these actions, starting with simple repetition, moving onto questions, and finishing with more imaginative play ideas! The songs are catchy and the train is bright and colourful – I think this will be a hit for a long time to come.

2. Tomy – Hide and Squeak Eggs

Suitable for: 6 months +

These squeaky eggs are great for little fingers to explore. Inside the egg box are 6 eggs, with detachable shells. There are so many different parts, all of a safe size to put in their mouths. These keep J busy for quite some time, and he is delighted each time he manages to make one squeak! They make a great sound when bashed together as well…

3. Halilit – Mini Rainbomaker Rainstick

Suitable for: 6 months +

This is a fabulous instrument to add to your musical box in February 2017! (See this plan for more ideas) It is colourful, with so many parts to look at. It makes a brilliant noise, which continues even after it has been put down. Finally, it is easy for little hands to hold onto – they will have so much fun playing with this! It is, without doubt, the most popular instrument amongst the babies at all of J’s sensory classes. 

4. V-Tech  – Baby’s Laptop

february 2017 - laptop

Suitable for: 6 months – 3 years

Like the Fisher-Price train, this laptop changes as your baby grows. It has lots of lovely coloured buttons and flashing lights, to hold your little one’s attention. It also has a spinning rattle part, which J is obsessed with! There are options to play music, talk about shapes and colours, and make animal noises. These settings can easily be changed, so that your child is always interested, and always learning. I especially love the mouse! After playing a particular tune, moving the mouse causes the melody to be played note-by-note – this will be a great lesson in call-and-response when J is older.

5. Lamaze – Freddie the Firefly Rattle

Suitable: from birth

I think Lamaze toys are brilliant! They are so colourful, with so many textures and moving parts. This is J’s favourite one at the moment. It has wings that move around, and which are rubbery and perfect for chomping on. Its head is soft and cuddly, and it’s body spins around. The rattle at the bottom makes a fab noise, and is really easy to get hold of. Another hit from Lamaze in February 2017!

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