World Book Day 2017 – Best of Children’s Books (With a Musical Theme)

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This month we’ve been enjoying lots of bedtime stories, to help settle down at the end of a busy day. It is one of the few times that J will sit still, and it makes me so glad that we started reading to him when he was very tiny. At 6 months, he now knows how to sit calmly and look through the pictures, and enjoys all the silly voices we do for each character. Some books we read are age appropriate, but we also enjoy exploring books for older children. He doesn’t mind what we read – he just loves having our undivided attention before he goes to sleep. Here are my favourite books for World Book Day 2017:

1. The Giant of Jum – Elli Woollard & Benji Davies

Suitable for: Aged 3 years +

This is a brilliant modern-day twist on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk! It tells the story of a giant, who seeks out a boy named Jack with the intention of eating him. However, he finds himself doing too many kind things for the children of his village, and he discovers that he doesn’t want to eat children at all – he wants to eat cake! The rhyming verses of this story are very musical, and roll off the tongue in a lovely sing-song manner. Children will love the onomatopoeia throughout – there are some really great sounding words: ‘I’ll pulp you and stew you, I’ll gulp you and chew you and gobble you up in one bite!’

2. Room on the Broom – Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler


Suitable for: Aged 3 years +

This is my favourite Julia Donaldson book at the moment! It is about a witch who gets more and more passengers on her broomstick, until it snaps. It is a hilarious account of her outing, featuring some lovely pictures and very funny rhymes. There are also lots of opportunities for different voices, as you speak on behalf of the witch and all the creatures.

3. Moon Rabbit – Natalie Russel

Suitable for: Aged 3 years +

This is a lovely, calming bedtime story. It is about a rabbit who lives in the city and gazes each night at the moon, wondering there is anyone like her out there to play with. She falls asleep in the park, and awakes to the sound of beautiful music – it is another rabbit playing the guitar! A friendship is born, which is based on their mutual love of music and dancing. I find this story is a lovely prequel to a bedtime lullaby, to really settle your little ones to sleep.

4. Baby Play for Every Day – Claire Halsey

Suitable for: Adults

Ok, so this isn’t one for your children – this is one for you! This fab book is filled with creative ideas for playing with your developing baby. It works through month-by-month, telling you milestones your baby will be hitting, and how to help them as they learn about the world. It has loads of lovely ideas for playing, exercising, listening, reading, learning, and days out – and all are appropriately aged as you move through the book. I have taken inspiration for lots of activities from here, and will continue to do so for the next 6 months!

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