Despicable Mess: A Mess Around Party

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If you’re at all familiar with the Despicable Me films, I’m willing to bet that you love them! The minions have become one of the most iconic characters in children’s films today, and the story is hilarious for kids and adults alike. Imagine my delight when I saw that Mess Around Birmingham were throwing a ‘Despicable Mess’ party!

Mess Around are a messy play franchise, which have different themed parties every month for children aged 6 months – 5 years. You may remember the baby rave that we attended when J was 7 months old? That was a Mess Around party! Their USP is that they allow children to get totally messy, literally rolling around in all sorts of materials, and they clear it all up so us parents don’t need to. Perfect formula!

Despicable Mess

We went to the ‘Despicable Mess’ party last Sunday morning, and it was definitely worth getting out of bed for. We arrived to a hall that was buzzing with activity. Around 50 children plus parents were enjoying over 20 messy stations. The atmosphere was one of freedom, creativity and delight!

As expected, there were lots of yellow stations, representing the minions! One was filled with custard pies and whipped cream, one had luminous yellow soap flakes, and another had banana angel delight and real bananas. There was ice (for Mr Gru’s freeze ray), red pasta (for the Anti-Villian League Agent, Lucy Wilde’s lipstick taser), and salsa (for Eduardo Perez’s Mexican restaurant). There was jelly, ice cream, compost, paint, rice, water…everything needed for some amazing imaginative play.

Props and Bubbles

Throughout the hall were lots of great props to play with – cuddly minion toys, goggles, masks…lots of things to really set a Despicable scene. There was music playing loudly, including lots of great tracks from the soundtrack (e.g. Happy by Pharrell Williams). Throughout the hour, bubbles were used to add to the magic of the experience.

10 minutes before the end, the Mess Around signature foam party started. We all came to the front of the hall, the music was turned up, and the foam machine was turned on. We danced under the foam until the end – as if we weren’t messy enough already!

Mess Around Competition

We were lucky enough to win tickets to this party. With your permission, photos are taken at each event and uploaded to Facebook. The picture from each party that receives the most ‘likes’ wins a free place at their next party. This is a fab competition! This was the photo that won us the most ‘likes’ last time:

Messy Play

Messy play is so great for the cognitive development of little children. They learn how to pour, collect, create, move, prod, sift, and explore. This is so effective when offered in a safe and free environment, where they are allowed to free-play without too many rules or instructions. If you have the opportunity to attend any sessions like this, I urge you to go. Just remember to take a change of clothes and plenty of wipes…. It is very refreshing for kids to play like this, and it is a very difficult scene for you to create for them at home. The addition of music helps to make the atmosphere fun and inviting, and energises children to get really stuck in.

For more information, and to find a Mess Around party near you, click here

9 Replies to “Despicable Mess: A Mess Around Party”

    1. Sounds like you’ll be a very fun grandparent when the time comes!! The wealth of activities available for young children now is quite astounding x

  1. This is awesome! We just returned from vacation on a cruise where they had a “kid’s club.” One of the nights was “trash the house” where the kids were allowed to make a mess with toilet paper and all kinds of stuff. I love the idea of a messy party not just for little kids but for others as well. Many people I know and love enjoy mud runs and color runs where the whole point is to get dirty! I’d love to see more events that encourage creativity and engagement with the environment where no one is afraid to just GO FOR IT! Thanks for the post–I’ll be on the lookout for messy parties in my neck of the woods.

    1. Thanks Angela – you’re absolutely right! Having the freedom to express yourself without limitations leads to some serious creativity. Interestingly, all of the children at the party were impeccably behaved. They were playing, experimenting, learning, creating – not going wild and causing havoc, as some people fear.

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