Baby Composition Competition – Win A Musical Sensory Box!

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We are running a fab new competition this month!! We are challenging all of you musical mums and dads to get really creative with your babies. I want to inspire you to get really noisy. We want babies all over the country to explore and engage with music. We will be awarding a Musical Sensory Box to the winning baby! (Click here to learn more about the Musical Sensory Box).

march 2017 musical sensory box

So here’s the challenge:

Create a 30-40 second video of your very own Baby Composition!

Send your videos to the Musical Mum Facebook Page! (Don’t forget to like the page)

Competition closes on Sunday 10th September at 12 Noon.

Be as wild and creative as you like, using any materials or instruments you can find. This competition is open to babies aged 0-12 months. The winning baby will be the one having the most fun, and making the most noise! Show us what they can do!

To get you started, try some of these ideas:

  • Fill Tupperware boxes with different materials – these make a great shaking sound.
  • Use pots, pans, wooden spoons, and any other safe kitchen utensils – these make a great racket
  • Try playing against a backing track of your baby’s fave music – this will encourage them to join in with making lots of noise
  • Don’t forget that their voice counts to – blabbering, laughing, shouting – these all count towards their composition
  • Do they have any musical toys that they like playing with? Include these too!
  • Halilit make the best baby instruments – they are a great investment for little ones:

I will be sharing ideas each day on my Facebook page – let’s get creating! Have fun and good luck.

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