Christmas 2017: 9 Best Children’s Books

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Children’s literature is nostalgic at the best of times, but Christmas is full of absolute classics, sparking so many memories! I remember the anticipation in the air as we would settle down on Christmas Eve for one last Christmas story before the big day. Magical memories are created for you and your children in those moments. For the last 2 years, we have given J a new Christmas story on 1st December, for us to enjoy together throughout the month. Gifting books in Christmas Eve boxes is also a lovely idea. He was given quite a few stories last Christmas Day, which didn’t get read much last year, but they were a lovely surprise when I dug the Christmas decorations out last weekend. Books last a lifetime, and you are never too old to enjoy a Christmas tale. Here are our top picks for Christmas 2017:

1. Baby’s Very First Noisy Book: Christmas

Suitable for: Children aged 0 – 2 years

This is a lovely present for a young baby! There are hardly any words, but lots of beautiful pictures capturing the essence of all things Christmassy. There are sound buttons at the side, playing accompanying clips of music for each page – each helping to set the scene for all of the magical things your baby will experience during their first Christmas.

2. The Twelve Days of Christmas 

Suitable for: Children aged 0 – 4 years

You can read or, better still, sing this colourful board book! The repetitive nature of the song allows you to flip back and forth through the book to see each character, and your baby will enjoy hearing you crooning. Furthermore, the numbers 1-12 are repeated many times, to help your little one with their counting.

3. Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Christmas Book 

Suitable for: Children aged 0 – 2 years

Another great gift for a baby’s very first Christmas. It features a different Christmassy item on each page, with different textures to touch and enjoy. There are stockings, snowmen, Christmas trees, stars – all with a variety of different colours and materials for inquisitive hands and curious eyes.

4. We Three Kings – Claire Fennell

Suitable for: Children aged 3 – 7 years

I love this story! It’s all about the Three Kings, as they set off on their long journey to meet the baby. On their way, they each lose the presents they intended to give, and find some much more suitable gifts instead. It is a fab retelling of the Christmas story, with fun pictures and funny rhymes. I’m happy to read this one over and over.

 5. The Christmas Bear – Ian Whybrow

Suitable for: Children aged 1 – 4 years

With pictures by the illustrator of The Gruffalo, this board book is very vivid, and full of lovely detail. It follows the story of a bear who has to find his way into Santa’s sleigh and into the little boy’s stocking, after he gets left behind on Christmas Eve. The rhymes are lovely and very magical and there are interesting flaps to peer under on each page. There are so many things to look at, that it is different on every reading!

6. The Night Before Christmas – Miles Kelly 

Suitable for: Children aged 1 – 7 years

We’re all familiar with the poem ”Twas The Night Before Christmas’, and it doesn’t get much more magical than this! The lovely sense of anticipation built, as the story is told of exactly what happens when Santa arrives at your home on Christmas Eve. The illustrations in this version are bright, colourful, and so enchanting for little eyes.

7. The Stick Man – Julia Donaldson

Suitable for: Children aged 3 – 7 years

With a film and stage show, The Stick Man, has become something of a classic Christmas book. It follows the plight of Stick Man as he gets separated from his family tree, travelling further and further until only Santa can be relied on to return him to his Stick Lady Love and his three stick children. The words have a brilliant energy, due to the clever rhyming pattern, and the catchy refrain: ‘I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, I’M STICK MAN, that’s me.’

8. The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas – Thomas Nelson

Suitable for: Children aged 3 – 7 years

This little polar bear is in for quite an exciting time! He arrives at the North Pole to find one of the reindeer is unable to fly, so he is recruited to take his place. The lovely rhymes and snowy scenes make this story fun and enticing, with a brand new take on story of Santa and his mission to deliver presents to all the boys and girls!

9. Mr Noisy and the Silent Night 

Suitable for: Children aged 3 – 5 years

Mr Men books are always a joy for adults and children alike, and there is a huge range of Christmas ones available now! We’ve been reading this one, due to the musical theme, and it doesn’t disappoint. It tells the story of Mr Quiet, and how his Christmas is ruined every year by Mr Noisy and all the other loud goings on in Loudland. But not this year… This year, the snow is so bad that everyone is stuck at home, and he enjoys a peaceful Christmas for the first time ever. Mr Noisy still makes a cheeky appearance at the end though…

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission when you purchase through these. All of these books are enjoyed by myself, my husband, and 16 month old J, and I would never recommend anything that we didn’t love ourselves.



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