Lessons in Life and Love from Ms Gladys Knight

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being totally in the moment? Totally and completely present? Where your mind is living, just for a short time, right in the now? With no worries about the past, or fears of the future? This is the feeling that I had last night. I had bought tickets to go with my Mum to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall to watch Ms Gladys Knight, Empress of Soul. Wow! Just wow! She was INCREDIBLE. It was one of those life-affirming concerts, which leave you feeling so inspired, so warm, and so lucky.  Continue reading “Lessons in Life and Love from Ms Gladys Knight”

Film Music for Children: Harry Potter

harry potter

Film music is a great way into the world of ‘classical’ music for children. It is one of the few genres they will regularly listen to, which is often scored for a full orchestra, and that has no words. The best film music is subtle within the context of the film, but will be instantly recognisable, and has the ability to transport the listener instantly into the world created by the story. ‘Classical’ music often has a reputation amongst young people, but film music proves that this is far from true.

Children get very excited by hearing the film scores that they know! Over 15 years after the release of the first film, Harry Potter is one such score. Even now, it is probably the most requested piece by children when I ask them what they would like to learn to play on the piano. And I bet you would struggle to find any child over the age of 5 (or even younger in some cases) who doesn’t know and love this music. Continue reading “Film Music for Children: Harry Potter”

Inspirational Series: One Love Manchester

On 22nd May 2017, a bomb was detonated in the foyer of the Manchester Arena, at the end of an Ariana Grande concert. 22 people tragically lost their lives, and over 100 were injured in the attack. This senseless act of violence could have been met with hate, resentment, and anger. Instead, Ariana Grande and the people of Manchester responded with the most beautiful tribute – an incredible concert, hosted just 13 days later. One Love Manchester was full of love, hope, and inspiration. In case you missed it, here’s what happened: Continue reading “Inspirational Series: One Love Manchester”

A Game of Musical Memories


Let’s play a game! Music is one of the most powerful triggers we have available to us. Hearing a certain song or piece of music can instantly take us back to a different time or place, and memories can be stirred that were long forgotten. It can change our mood, and have a great impact on how we live our lives. Recent studies show that it can even change the way foods taste (check out this very cool video experiment with Marcus Wareing)! You can learn a great deal about someone from their music tastes, and the songs and pieces that trigger their most special memories. I propose that we flood the internet with musical nostalgia, and share those moments that mean the most to us. To join in, simply click through to this Facebook link, add your contribution, and tag three people to share theirs! Continue reading “A Game of Musical Memories”

My Solihull Article: Nurturing Musical Ability from Birth to Forever

nurturing musical ability

I was very excited this month to feature in a local magazine, My Solihull. It was great to get the opportunity to explain why music is so important in the lives of our children. I was also able to give examples of some simple ways you can begin to do this at home! It is really easy to begin nurturing your child’s musical ability. Here is the article that was printed: Continue reading “My Solihull Article: Nurturing Musical Ability from Birth to Forever”