March 2017 – Best of Children’s Books (With a Musical Theme)

This month we’ve been enjoying some ‘noisier’ books! J is now 7 months old, and he finds it hilarious when Luke and I put on different voices. He loves all variety of sound effects, and is very entertained when we vary the pitch and speed of our reading. He also enjoys sing-song tones, and likes the repetition of his favourite songs. If we start singing while reading, he turns his head in wonder and delight.  My favourite books this month reflect all of these things – they are great fun to read and interact with. Here are my top choices of books for March 2017: Continue reading “March 2017 – Best of Children’s Books (With a Musical Theme)”

Why Does It Matter Anyway? Who Cares If Music Is Cut?

why does it matter

The release of the new budget report this week has coincided with more news regarding music education in schools. The BBC reported that it could ‘face extinction’ due to schools cutting it from their timetable. They are under pressure to enter students for the EBacc, which doesn’t include arts subjects such as music and drama. As a result:

  • Fewer schools are offering music BTEC and GCSE
  • Fewer schools are making music compulsory for Year 9s
  • Music teachers are facing redundancy, and up to 30% of schools are managing with just 1 music teacher
  • Many schools can only make music available to the children who can pay for it

These reports are fairly commonplace now, with similar news making the headlines every week. We have become quite numb to the effect. My husband and I are both music teachers. We are parents to a 7-month-old baby boy. And we fear for his future. I implore you all, please, to take 5 minutes out of your day, and to question, and I mean really question – why does it matter anyway? Continue reading “Why Does It Matter Anyway? Who Cares If Music Is Cut?”

Beauty and the Beast: 5 New Songs for 2017

beauty and the beast

The much-anticipated reimagining of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will be available to view across the UK from 17th March 2017. This timeless story was first released as an animation in 1991, and then as a Broadway musical in 1993. The new film features some of the most beautiful music from all of Walt Disney’s movies, with a score by Alan Menken, who wrote the music for the original film. Many of the classic songs make a reappearance, including ‘Belle’, ‘Be Our Guest’ and ‘Gaston’. But the new film also has 5 brand new songs, never heard before! So put the kettle on, get comfortable, and check out these lovely tracks: Continue reading “Beauty and the Beast: 5 New Songs for 2017”

World Book Day: 7 Great Songs From Children’s Literature

world book day

World Book Day is a wonderful celebration of children’s literature. Children everywhere are dressing as their favourite characters, and chatting about their favourite books.  Parents are allowing an extra 10 minutes at bedtime to read an extra few pages. Teachers are incorporating the best-loved stories into the day’s activities. And here at Musical Mum, I have been looking at the brilliant music that has been inspired by the greatest children’s books! Which are your favourites?? Continue reading “World Book Day: 7 Great Songs From Children’s Literature”