Baby Sensory: Exploring Magical Worlds With Your Little One

Baby Sensory is a huge craze in the UK at the moment! It is built on the idea that:

A sensory environment rich in sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures promotes brain growth, increases the capacity for intellectual development, and forms the foundation for all future learning. (Dr. Lin Day, founder of Baby Sensory)

Babies learn through play and through experience. The more new sensations your baby is exposed to, the faster they can make the connections in their brains needed to learn. Allowing them to explore freely promotes creativity and curiosity, which in turns results in stronger minds. At least, that’s the theory behind it! Continue reading “Baby Sensory: Exploring Magical Worlds With Your Little One”

Autumn Music With Your Toddler: September

Autumn is probably my favourite season! There’s such a lovely vibe of new beginnings as the new school year begins, and excitement in the air as we approach a season of Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas. The evenings are getting darker, the air is getting cooler, and the atmosphere is cosy. The parks look beautiful at this time of year, as the leaves start turning, and you start to feel that familiar crunch under your feet. It’s a lovely time for exploration and discovery with your little ones. Have a go at some of these autumn music activities this September: Continue reading “Autumn Music With Your Toddler: September”

Baby Composition Competition – Win A Musical Sensory Box!

We are running a fab new competition this month!! We are challenging all of you musical mums and dads to get really creative with your babies. I want to inspire you to get really noisy. We want babies all over the country to explore and engage with music. We will be awarding a Musical Sensory Box to the winning baby! (Click here to learn more about the Musical Sensory Box). Continue reading “Baby Composition Competition – Win A Musical Sensory Box!”

August 2017: 5 Best Children’s Books (With A Musical Theme)

This month, I was excited to try out a new idea. Worthiness ambassador, Niki Meadows ( told me that she always listens to classical music while reading to her children. She claims that it enhances the reading experience, and that it allows her to be more animated as she follows the rise-and-fall of the music. Continue reading “August 2017: 5 Best Children’s Books (With A Musical Theme)”

How To Throw A Dinosaur Themed Party: J’s First Birthday

As many of you will know, J turned 1 last week! We spent a long time deciding how to celebrate his birthday, and settled on 2 family parties. We live in Solihull, but my family live in London, and Luke’s family live in Stockton. Therefore, we decided to host a party at each of our parent’s homes, so that we could invite lots of family and family friends without the need for them to travel. As J is too young to tell us what sort of party he would like, we chose a theme ourselves – dinosaurs! Here’s how to throw your own dinosaur themed party:  Continue reading “How To Throw A Dinosaur Themed Party: J’s First Birthday”