How To Throw A Dinosaur Themed Party: J’s First Birthday

As many of you will know, J turned 1 last week! We spent a long time deciding how to celebrate his birthday, and settled on 2 family parties. We live in Solihull, but my family live in London, and Luke’s family live in Stockton. Therefore, we decided to host a party at each of our parent’s homes, so that we could invite lots of family and family friends without the need for them to travel. As J is too young to tell us what sort of party he would like, we chose a theme ourselves – dinosaurs! Here’s how to throw your own dinosaur themed party:  Continue reading “How To Throw A Dinosaur Themed Party: J’s First Birthday”

BAM: Babies’ Academy of Music presents…Summer Sounds

Babies’ Academy of Music is a wonderful new group in the Midlands, presenting workshops and performances to babies and young children. Concerts that are aimed at early years are a fantastic idea, allowing little ones the opportunity to learn about and love music. BAM kindly invited us along to watch their ‘Summer Sounds’ at the MAC in Birmingham yesterday – this is what happened… Continue reading “BAM: Babies’ Academy of Music presents…Summer Sounds”

Unicorn Theatre: The Baby Show

I have heard excellent things about the Unicorn Theatre in Southwark, and so was very excited to be invited along to watch The Baby Show. Many children’s shows welcome babies, but it is unusual to come across a production that has been written specifically for children so young. The Baby Show is aimed at little ones aged 6 – 18 months, and I was very curious to see how it would manage to hold the attention of so many babies! Continue reading “Unicorn Theatre: The Baby Show”

Lullabies at Bedtime

As bad as it sounds, J’s bedtime is one of my favourite times of the day!! Not because I’m desperate for him to go to sleep (although, after his colicky witching hour between 5 and 6pm, it’s quite a relief), but because of our lovely bedtime routine. It’s a special winding-down time, where all the focus is on him. I know it is a time that I will look back on when he is older, and long for the return of his innocence! Continue reading “Lullabies at Bedtime”

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August 2017: Music Events for Children

music events

Watching live music is a magical experience for young children. It is mesmerising to see musicians playing, singers singing, and dancers dancing. Live performance is inspiring and exciting, teaching children about different ways to move and learn. Furthermore, it can be used to encourage all forms of interaction, and spark your child’s imagination in ways you didn’t know were possible. Many orchestras, theatres, and town halls have music events for children. These are more relaxed performances, which allow children the chance to join in. Here are some of the most interesting music events for children in July 2017 – book your tickets now! Continue reading “August 2017: Music Events for Children”

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