Red Nose Day: Worst Ever Comic Relief Songs…

red nose day

Red Nose Day takes place every 2 years, to raise money for all number of fantastic causes across the UK and Africa. There is always a great build up to the day, with local organisations fundraising, and people taking part in sponsored events. Cakes are baked, walks are walked, and bad habits are given up, all in the name of charity. The Friday night is always one of the best TV nights of the year, with many celebrities joining together for entertain and raise money.

And then there is the song…. Continue reading “Red Nose Day: Worst Ever Comic Relief Songs…”

Why Does It Matter Anyway? Who Cares If Music Is Cut?

why does it matter

The release of the new budget report this week has coincided with more news regarding music education in schools. The BBC reported that it could ‘face extinction’ due to schools cutting it from their timetable. They are under pressure to enter students for the EBacc, which doesn’t include arts subjects such as music and drama. As a result:

  • Fewer schools are offering music BTEC and GCSE
  • Fewer schools are making music compulsory for Year 9s
  • Music teachers are facing redundancy, and up to 30% of schools are managing with just 1 music teacher
  • Many schools can only make music available to the children who can pay for it

These reports are fairly commonplace now, with similar news making the headlines every week. We have become quite numb to the effect. My husband and I are both music teachers. We are parents to a 7-month-old baby boy. And we fear for his future. I implore you all, please, to take 5 minutes out of your day, and to question, and I mean really question – why does it matter anyway? Continue reading “Why Does It Matter Anyway? Who Cares If Music Is Cut?”

At what age is it ‘too late’ for an adult to learn music?

As music teachers, one of the most frequent things we hear from adults is: ‘I wish I had learnt an instrument when I was younger’. It is a common misconception that only children have the capability to enter the realm of music lessons, and to experience joy in learning to play an instrument. Many adults believe that there is some sort of deadline, which they have all missed! Let me tell you a little secret… Continue reading “At what age is it ‘too late’ for an adult to learn music?”

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10 Tips for Beating Performance Nerves

performance nerves

Performance nerves affect all musicians at some time or another. For some people they can be a minor annoyance, which can be felt as nothing more than a few little butterflies in their stomach. For others, however, they can be crippling! The adrenalin can be so strong that it triggers a ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction in the body. This can result in performers physically shaking, being sick, and otherwise feeling unable to perform. This adrenalin needs to be channeled to our advantage. Used correctly it can give a performance a real edge, a sense of excitement, and a feeling of raw emotion. Here are my top 10 tips for overcoming performance nerves: Continue reading “10 Tips for Beating Performance Nerves”

Online Piano & Theory Lessons – Revolutionising Music Lessons

Elegie School of Music online


We have some exciting news at Elegie School of Music! As of January 2017, we will be trialling a new online system of piano and theory teaching. It will be most suitable for secondary age and adult students, with an ability level of Grade 4 and above. Continue reading “Online Piano & Theory Lessons – Revolutionising Music Lessons”

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