At what age is it ‘too late’ for an adult to learn music?

As music teachers, one of the most frequent things we hear from adults is: ‘I wish I had learnt an instrument when I was younger’. It is a common misconception that only children have the capability to enter the realm of music lessons, and to experience joy in learning to play an instrument. Many adults believe that there is some sort of deadline, which they have all missed! Let me tell you a little secret… Continue reading “At what age is it ‘too late’ for an adult to learn music?”

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Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga

Music and movement go together beautiful, and yoga is a wonderful early introduction to this for babies and children. It teaches mindfulness, allowing us to think about the moment we are in, putting aside any worries that we have. It teaches us to breathe with our whole body, and to move in a way that feels great. And it teaches us to listen – both to the tempo of music accompanying our movements, and to our bodies as we stretch them. I have explored both antenatal yoga, and postnatal yoga, and both have so much to offer.  Continue reading “Baby Yoga”

Cinderella – Telling Stories With Music


Music is wonderfully versatile. It can help us to teach and explore an endless range of topics, therefore encouraging young minds to listen hard, think inquisitively, and ask imaginative questions. Many brilliant stories have been set to music throughout time.  Music helps to bring them alive, to make them memorable, and also to help children to empathise with the characters. Cinderella is one such story! This post explores this timeless story and the music that accompanies it, with ideas for how to introduce it to your children at home. Continue reading “Cinderella – Telling Stories With Music”

10 Exciting New Ways to Practise

10 tips to make practise fun

Practising is one of the most difficult aspects of learning an instrument. Learning new repertoire is exciting, going to your lesson is motivating, and performing in concerts and exams is liberating. But practising is tricky! It can be hard to know exactly what we need to practise, and when we have achieved what we set out to do. It can feel like we are not getting anywhere, and as though we have hit a brick wall. When this happens to your child, and you have exhausted all of their usual methods, give these options a try – you might surprise yourself with just what they can learn when they try a different approach: Continue reading “10 Exciting New Ways to Practise”

Musicals for Children: Matilda


Children’s musicals are so magical! They incorporate wonderful music, dance, acting, movement, costumes, and set design, to tell the most engaging stories. Matilda is one of the best West End musicals to take your kids to at the moment. I saw it with 3 other adults, and we loved it – but the theatre was full of children laughing their heads off! The songs are hilarious, the child actors are incredible, and we left feeling so warm and inspired. Continue reading “Musicals for Children: Matilda”

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