Winter Music With Your Toddler: December

There’s no denying, the excitement in December is completely infectious when you have little ones to share it with. Even if they are too young to understand the meaning of Christmas, they can still enjoy its magic. Christmas decorations, an increase in visitors, and mysterious parcels appearing around the house, are all indications to your toddler that something different is going on! However, if your child is anything like J, things can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. If we try to move him too far from his daily nap, or put him to bed late too many nights in a row, he can get a little stressed and unsettled.

Ensuring we still have plenty of one-on-one time with him, with lots of age-appropriate activities helps him to feel a sense of normality. We try to attend whatever groups he usually goes to through December, and make sure he has some down-time as well, away from too much stimulation. Try some of these winter music activities with your toddler this December:  Continue reading “Winter Music With Your Toddler: December”

Christmas 2017: 9 Best Children’s Books

Children’s literature is nostalgic at the best of times, but Christmas is full of absolute classics, sparking so many memories! I remember the anticipation in the air as we would settle down on Christmas Eve for one last Christmas story before the big day. Magical memories are created for you and your children in those moments. For the last 2 years, we have given J a new Christmas story on 1st December, for us to enjoy together throughout the month. Gifting books in Christmas Eve boxes is also a lovely idea. He was given quite a few stories last Christmas Day, which didn’t get read much last year, but they were a lovely surprise when I dug the Christmas decorations out last weekend. Books last a lifetime, and you are never too old to enjoy a Christmas tale. Here are our top picks for Christmas 2017: Continue reading “Christmas 2017: 9 Best Children’s Books”

Learning Through Messy Play: Arty Splats!

Babies and toddlers are on an endless quest of exploration! They curiously investigate anything and everything, including a whole range of things that they really shouldn’t. I find myself saying ‘no’ hundreds of times everyday, as J’s innocent playing puts him in situations in which he could hurt himself. They have no concept of what is right or wrong, or safe or unsafe – they just want to enjoy themselves. That is why messy play classes are a gift for parents! We were invited to try Arty Splats this term – a franchised class, which has recently been started up in Solihull. Here’s how we got on… Continue reading “Learning Through Messy Play: Arty Splats!”

Enchanted Christmas Kingdom: Our First Visit To Santa

This will be J’s second Christmas, and there is so much excitement to be had now that he is a little older. At 15 months old, he will still have no idea what Christmas is, but he will enjoy the occasion and all of the festivities! At the top of this year’s Christmas bucket list was a trip to see Father Christmas. We didn’t know if he would be scared, as he does get a little nervous around some people now, but thought we should at least give it a go. Hatton Adventure World’s Enchanted Christmas Kingdom seemed the best place to go for his first visit, as there are so many other things to see and do there – it wouldn’t be a wasted trip, even if he hated Santa! Continue reading “Enchanted Christmas Kingdom: Our First Visit To Santa”

Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Your Baby and Toddler

Christmas is the most exciting time of year when you have young children. Last Christmas, J was just 4 months old, but we couldn’t wait to share such a special time together. This year he will be 16 months old – much more aware, but still with no idea what Christmas is! Lots of the Christmas traditions you see people enjoying are suitable for slightly older children, but there are lots of ways you can lay down traditions to be enjoyed for many years to come. Try some of these ideas, suitable for babies and very young children: Continue reading “Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Your Baby and Toddler”