Best Music Classes For Babies & Toddlers – A Comparison Of All The Big Ones!

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I’m very excited to be able to bring you this – a round-up of all the best music classes for babies! There are so many to choose from, it can feel quite daunting. Sometimes people end of going with the one they found first, or the one that replies first, but this will help you make a choice that is most suitable for your little one. They are all very different, and have so many things to offer! I have only included franchised classes, so they are available nationwide. Please let me know if you have any questions – J and I have personally tried all of this classes. 

Best Props and Equipment: Hartbeeps

Hartbeeps is the most colourful and interactive class we’ve tried! It is packed full of exciting objects to play with and try on, and the class moves quickly to hold your baby’s attention. It has a great soundtrack of original music, and some lovely characters to love. There is a consistent structure, but a new theme every week, so kids won’t get bored. Click here to find out more.


Baby Bells: Newborn – Sitting

Baby Beeps: Sitting – Walking confidently

Happy House: Toddlers


£7 per class, or £6.50 if you book a whole term

Any Problems?

No problems, but probably not suitable for any babies that get over-stimulated. It is a busy class, with lots of activity, and it moves quickly – some little ones may find it a bit overwhelming.

Best Dance and Movement: Zumbini

Zumbini is a fab class for lively and active toddlers! It is jam-packed with energy, and the most catchy music – even the parents can’t help but dance. The rhythms are great for getting little bodies moving, and the simple class structure helps young ones to learn what to do easily. It gives them lots of freedom to run around and make lots of noise, and encourages a growing independence.


1 – 4 years. Classes are for mixed ages, making them perfect for siblings! Little ones learn lots by watching the older ones, and activities are pitched very well at this wide age range.


£5 per class, paid half-termly in advance. There is the option of purchasing a Zumbini Bundle for £30 when you sign up, but there is no pressure to do so. This contains a CD and songbook, allowing you to continue your Zumbini fun at home!

Any problems?

Although the Zumbini website states that this is suitable for children aged 0 – 4 years, they really need to walking to enjoy this class.

Best Introduction To Music Lessons: Rhythm Time

7 months old

Rhythm Time is definitely the best class for babies who love playing instruments! It has a real focus on playing lots of different percussion instruments, and discovering ways to make new sounds. There are opportunities to play along to music, sing, dance, and make lots of noise. It also offers a lovely newborn course!  Click here to find out more.


Young Babies: Birth – 6 Months

Babies: 6 Months – Walking

Toddlers: Walking – Preschool

Preschoolers: Preschool – 4 years


Around £5 per class, paid termly in advance. They also offer discounted rates for siblings – enquire locally for more info.

Any Problems?

The baby class feels a little young for babies who can crawl confidently but not yet walk – the activities suitable for a 6 month old don’t quite hold J’s attention anymore. However, there is always the option to move up early, if your baby is ready for the next class – even if they are not quite walking yet.

Best for Young Babies: Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory is packed full of sights, sounds, and sensations for your little one. They have classes taking you right up to 5 years old, but it’s definitely one to try with your young baby. There are so many experiences packed into this class, with lights, textures, characters, and even some baby-signing. Every week is different – nowhere else can you visit the jungle, the olympics, pirate ships, and space! There are lots of toys, props and games – you definitely won’t get bored with the format. For new parents, its a brilliant way to try out lots of different things you can do at home.


Baby Sensory: 0 – 6 months

Baby Sensory: 6 – 13 months

New Explorers: 13 – 20 months

Adventurers: 20 months – 3 years

Rangers: 3 – 5 years


£7.00 per class, booked and paid for termly

Any problems?

Nope – but it’ll make your toys at home seem very dull in comparison!

Best for Siblings: Jo Jingles

Jo Jingles is one of the original baby classes! It uses a tried and tested formula of singing, dancing, and playing lots of games. The music used is fab, and Jo is a very loveable mascot. Their classes have a great sibling policy, and the content of the classes is adaptable according to the age of the children there – so you can bring older and younger children along if you like! Click here to find out more. 


3 months – Walking

Walking – 2 Years

2 Years +

Mixed Ages


Prices start from £4.50 per session, with rates for additional children negotiable by area.

Any Problems?

It’s a tiny bit old fashioned, without any of the fancy equipment of some of the newer classes. It doesn’t matter though – the kids get stuck in and have lots of fun.

Best Messy Play: Mess Around

Mess Around is a fab class for kids who love to get messy! They have themed parties every month, which you can book as pay-as-you-go sessions. The music playing always matches the party theme, and there are so many different messy stations to explore. Click here to find out more. 


Sitting – 5 years


Around £8.50, plus £4.50 for additional children. You can also purchase bubbles shooters and t-shirts!

Any Problems?

This is not for the faint-hearted…! Your child will get VERY messy, and will probably eat lots of things you’d rather they wouldn’t – it’s brilliant fun though, so it’s worth it!

Best Overall: Gymboree

Gymboree is a fab class, with a waiting list to prove it! It has a great soft play room, for little ones to really start finding their feet. The music, characters, parachutes, games and activities are perfectly aimed at babies and young children. It’s great for building their confidence and letting them explore in a safe environment. And their bubbles are amazing. Click here to find out more. 


Sensory Baby Play: Newborn – Crawling

Play and Learn 2/3: Crawling – Walking confidently

Play & Learn 4: Solid walkers and runners

Play & Learn 5/6: Age 2-4 years


Around £6.75 per class, paid monthly in advance. This includes free access to their open gym sessions, which are free play sessions that take place several times a week. They also allow you to swap classes if you are unable to make it.

Any problems?




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