Baby’s First Xmas!

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Before J was born, I was adamant that we would not be buying him lots of presents for his first Christmas. I insisted that he would be far too young to know what was going on, the whole thing would probably overwhelm him, and there would be far more important things to spend our money on! However, as Xmas creeps ever closer, I’ve found myself so excited! I am excited to create memories for our family, and start traditions that we will carry through for years to come, even if J will have no memory of the day. And at 4 1/2 months old, he could definitely do with some new toys! I have compiled a short list of some of the best music-based ideas we have, and what J will be getting in his first stocking this year…

Oscar Symphony Penguin

This great penguin by Lamaze is a fun introduction into cause-and-effect. Squeezing his tummy, he begins to play a tune. Keep squeezing to add different instruments and countermelodies, building the texture up to orchestral size! He is brightly coloured, with lots things to touch and explore. His wings have a rattle and a squeakier, so that your baby can play along as well!

Musical Books

Books are a great present for children of any age, and we have enjoyed reading to J since he was born. Now that he is getting more interested and responsive, he is a big fan of noisy books! Here are some of his faves:

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – Marching around the room, squelching through the mud, and splashing through the river – this is always sure to get some smiles

Dear Zoo – J gets very excited listening to all the animal noises, and watching us making them too!

Quiet Loud – This is a book that requires you to make all the noise yourself! J enjoys the contrast between whispering the quiet noises, and shouting the loud ones (not so good at bedtime…)

Sensory Box

It’s a cliche to say that children enjoy playing with the box more than the toy it contains, but there is a great deal of truth to that! We didn’t want to spend a fortune on presents that J wouldn’t appreciate, so we decided to build him a ‘sensory box’ filled with lots of little things he would like to touch, hear and look at. Here is what we have included:

Spiky, flashing, bouncy ball – Great to touch, providing hours of entertainment

Foil blanket – This seems like a strange gift! Laid on the floor, J loves to watch different colours and lights reflecting off it, plus it makes a great scrunchy noise too

Light up maracas – These flash and have a great rattle, making them brilliant for catching your baby’s attention, and developing their eye tracking.

Lava lamp – Lovely and soothing, J likes his on when he comes out of the bath!

Coloured scarves – Great for a game of peek-a-boo, or for tickling your baby’s tummy!

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