Baby’s First Easter – Musical Present Ideas

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It seems that the supermarket shelves have been filled with chocolate Easter eggs since December! There are hundred of different varieties, brands and prices – which is great if you are buying for older children. But what if you are celebrating your baby’s very first Easter, and they are not yet allowed chocolate? It seems a shame to not involve them in the occasion, and it’s the perfect opportunity to give them something new and exciting to play with. As usual, all of my gift ideas have a musical theme – try some of these pressies instead of Easter eggs:

Tomy – Hide ‘n’ Squeak Eggs

Suitable for: Age 6 months +

Instead of chocolate eggs, why not buy plastic ones?? J LOVES his Hide ‘n’ squeak eggs. There are 6 different coloured eggs, with removable shells. The coloured faces on the shells correspond to the colour of the eggs, and each egg has a different shape at the bottom to slot in to the egg box. They all make a chirpy squeak when pressed! There are lots of parts to this toy, which keep J busy for a long time. He enjoys taking them all out, throwing them around a bit, banging them to make them squeak, and opening and closing the egg box. Perhaps one day he might enjoy putting them back in again….

V-Tech – Nursery Rhymes Book

Suitable for: Ages 3-24 months

This plastic book features 6 nursery rhymes:

  • Hey Diddle Diddle
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • London Bridge
  • Ring a Ring o’ Roses
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • The Wheels on the Bus

As you turn to each page, the book plays or sings the first 2 lines of each nursery rhyme, and there are arrows you can press on the spine of the book to choose which one you would like to hear. It  is colourful, musical, and lots of fun. It’s a great book for babies to be able to flick through themselves, as it does all the reading for you! Each page has big tabs on it, so they are easy to grab hold of and turn.

Lamaze – Sonny, The Glowing Bunny

Suitable for: Ages 9-24 months

You will always get great quality toys if you buy Lamaze! J has had some of his since he was born, and they look as good as new. They have been chewed, thrown around, dragged on the floor, put in the bath – and they haven’t faded or lost their cool textures at all.

Sonny, The Glowing Bunny is great for introducing the idea of an Easter Bunny. He is brightly coloured, with some highly contrasting patterns to capture your baby’s eye and keep them interested. Squeezing his ear makes his tummy light up and change colour – as Sonny tells you what the colour is. Squeezing both his ears causes Sonny to play a tune, as he flashes through the different colours. And squeezing his hand makes him turn to a nighttime mode – he plays a lullaby and softens his lights to a gentle glow. This is a high-quality, great value toy.

Fisher-Price – Cookie Shape Surprise

Suitable for: Ages 6-36 months

Even though your baby can’t have any sweet treat this Easter, this fun cookie jar will give them lots of enjoyment! It is a shape sorter, with 5 numbered shapes to push through the holes. There are 2 options for learning – shapes or numbers. It recognises which shapes they have pushed through and names them or the corresponding number. When your baby puts their hand in the top, it sings a song which names all the different shapes or numbers. And when you push the cookie jar’s nose, it makes lots of funny noises – giggling, saying ‘mmmmm’, and exclaiming ‘I love cookies!!’

This cookie jar is bright, noisy, and sturdy. It has a big expressive face, which babies love. It teaches all about numbers and counting, shapes and sorting, and cause and effect. This is sure to be a favourite of J’s when we give it to him for Easter – I’m sure your kids will love it as well.

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