Messberaver – J’s First Baby Rave!

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If you’d have told me 6 months ago that we would soon be spending our Sunday at J’s first rave, I’d have never believed it! But when Mess Around Ltd’s ‘Messberaver’ event popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, it sounded too good to resist…

Getting Ready

Having never been to a baby rave before, it was tricky to decide what J should wear. We settled for a white romper, so that we could really see how much mess he had achieved! I figured that this would be nice and comfy for him to go exploring in as well.

We were greeted at the door, and given a goodie bag. This contained a few energy fuelled snacks, some neon body paints, and some glow sticks! We set to work painting on our war paint (which was non-toxic, and washed off so easily), before entering the rave…


The Rave: Main Event

We entered the hall to find music pumping, all the lights turned out, and young children glowing everywhere. There were dozens of messy play stations, all filled with different textures and materials. One was full of neon spaghetti, one had balloons and shaving foam, and another had compost! Some were water based, to allow the kids to get completely wet if they wanted to. Some were based on strange textures, such as a gloopy one (I still have no idea what the ‘gloop’ was made of). Others were food based, with jelly and cookie dough being popular stations! All were original, imaginative, and very messy!

The atmosphere in the hall was brilliant. There were popular kid’s characters walking around and mingling with the children. A bubble machine was going constantly, disco lights were flashing, and foam was sprayed at regular intervals. It was a big, creative, mess!

J absolutely loved it, from the moment we arrived. He sat in all the stations, danced to the 90s classics, and laughed constantly. He got covered in all sorts of sticky materials, got soaking wet, and generally made much more mess than we could possibly make at home. It was lovely to be able to let him explore such a stimulating environment, without worrying about tidying up afterwards!

The After Party

Following the rave, there was plenty of space for us to get J changed into clean clothes, and wipes were provided to get him cleaned up. Everyone was in a great mood, and there was a really buzzing atmosphere as we left. Mess Around Ltd. had really exceeded our expectations with their event!

Learning through play is a really popular concept at the moment. It is based on the idea that children learn best when given the freedom to explore things in their own way. They learn to find solutions for themselves, and to look at things creatively and imaginatively. Messy play is a wonderful way to try this. They can learn a lot about materials if they are allowed to touch, smell, taste, and generally roll around.

Try it yourself: Neon Spaghetti

Try some messy play at home, using foods as a starting place. These are good because it doesn’t matter if your child puts it in their mouth, and they don’t make too much mess!

Cook your spaghetti according to the instructions on the packet. When it is cooked, transfer it to several plastic sandwich bags. Add a few drops of food colouring to each, scrunch it all up, and cover your spaghetti with it.

Mess Around Ltd. host themed parties nationwide every month! Check their Facebook page for updates. 

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  1. This looks absolutely brilliant! Unfortunately, living out in the sticks, events like this never come anywhere near me 🙁 I saw Bunf (from my favourite 90s band Suoer Furry Animals) is DJing at a similar baby rave in Cardiff soon and I so wish I could go!

    1. Ah, that’s a shame. Mess Around is a franchised business, so they do pop up in the most random places – definitely worth checking out if they ever venture to where you are!

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