Autumn Music With Your Toddler: September

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Autumn is probably my favourite season! There’s such a lovely vibe of new beginnings as the new school year begins, and excitement in the air as we approach a season of Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas. The evenings are getting darker, the air is getting cooler, and the atmosphere is cosy. The parks look beautiful at this time of year, as the leaves start turning, and you start to feel that familiar crunch under your feet. It’s a lovely time for exploration and discovery with your little ones. Have a go at some of these autumn music activities this September:

1. Visit your local library for some Rhymetime and Storytime activities

Libraries usually host a variety of free sessions for little ones, and this is a great time to start attending. Get that back-to-school feeling, by heading out to engage in this learning activity together. Most libraries have a singalong session once a week, during which they sing through lots of well-known nursery rhymes. They teach your children the actions, and let them play with different percussion instruments. They also have story times once a week, which is a great way for you to learn about which books are most age-appropriate for your child.

2. Put on a puppet show

Puppet shows are one of the oldest forms of entertainment for children, and with good reason! You don’t have to do anything fancy, or even have much of a storyline. Put up a screen, put on some music, and dance the puppets around to the delight of your toddler. Peek-a-boo games will never get old, so do lots of hiding behind the screen with their favourite toys, before popping out and surprising them. Choose a great variety of music, from slow to fast, quiet to loud, allowing you to make your puppets move in lots of different ways. Jungle Jitters is my favourite song to do this with at the moment, choosing your little one’s favourite animal toys!

3. Bring your teddy bear’s picnic inside

It’s starting to get a little bit too chilly to picnic outside, but the fun doesn’t have to stop! Build a den instead, using lots of blankets and sheets. Make it as cosy as you can, with lots of cushions and fairy lights. Serve filo pastry pizzas, mini apple crumbles, and warm milk. Invite your toddler’s favourite teddies, and make sure there are plenty of plates and cups for them as well! Read stories, listen to Teddy Bear’s Picnic, and blow bubbles to make your afternoon really special.

4. Join our Musical Mum Singalongs

Join us every Wednesday at 9am for a LIVE Singalong! Head over to my Facebook page and follow a different routine every week. I’ll be showing you lots of different songs, with lots of ideas for how to best engage your little one with these. We’ll also be reading a new story every week, to showcase some of the coolest kid’s books on the market. Singing is amazing for your child’s language development, and the actions are great for their cognitive development. It’s a fab bonding activity, and a really lovely way to start your day together. And it’s completely free!

Check out our first ever Singalong:

5. Musical Pairs

This is a lovely activity if you have a few hours to kill. Put on your coats and wellies, and head to your local park. Gather a variety of materials whilst on your walk – stones, grass, leaves, twigs, conkers, pebbles – whatever grabs your child’s attention. Take them home and divide them into small, coloured Tupperware boxes. Make sure you have two boxes containing twigs, two boxes containing conkers etc.

Now it’s time to make some music!

Experiment with shaking each of your boxes. Put some music on and shake each box in turn, encouraging your little one to listen really carefully. Can they match up the boxes that contain the same sound?

Autumn Music: September Playlist


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