At what age is it ‘too late’ to learn music?

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As music teachers, one of the most frequent things we hear from adults is: ‘I wish I had learnt an instrument when I was younger’. It is a common misconception that only children have the capability to enter the realm of music lessons, and to experience joy in learning to play an instrument. Many adults believe that there is some sort of deadline, which they have all missed! Let me tell you a little secret…

It is never too late!!

Music is a wonderful language, universally understood and enjoyed, by people of all ages, genders and nationalities. It has the power to evoke the most special of memories, to inspire the most enlightening of thoughts, and soothe the most unsettled of minds. It is endless in its choice, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. So why should adults be excluded from exploring and learning all about it?? They shouldn’t. In fact, there are several factors that give adults an advantage over their younger counterparts:

  1. You actually WANT to learn!

Unlike many children, who come along to lessons to fulfil their parent’s dreams of learning to play, you are here out of choice. You have spent a long time thinking about playing, picking an appropriate teacher, and ensuring you have all of the equipment required. You have done this because you genuinely want to learn, and a few hiccups along the way won’t stop this passion of yours.

2.     You understand that you need to practise

Adults have much more life experience than children. After many years on this planet, you come to realise that hard work pays off! You know that 30 minutes each week is unlikely to result in any significant improvement, unless you commit to practising the work that has been set. And, as pointed out above, you actually WANT to practise – which is quite handy really!

3.     You have some context for what you are learning

Music is a three-dimensional subject. It is embedded in literature, history, philosophy, psychology, and so on. And equally, these subjects are embedded in music. They cannot be separated. And in order to get a true grasp on your music education, it is helpful to understand its context. Adults are much better at this because they already have a bank of historical knowledge, which they can draw on.

4.     You already know lots of music

Not only that, but you already ENJOY lots of music. Even the most open-minded of adult learners, who want to be guided fully by their teacher, have their own tastes in music. You can find great enjoyment in exploring the theory behind your favourite pieces, in learning to play music by your favourite composers, and by learning about contemporary artists.

Even if you do not wish to learn an instrument as an adult, you can still learn about this vast subject! Many of my adult students are less interested in actually playing the piano, and instead love to chat about the music itself. Sign up to our new ‘Introduction to Classical Music’ course, starting in March 2017 in Solihull, to spark your love of music! It really is never too late.

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