Acorns Bubble Rush 2017

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I felt very privileged to take part in the Acorns Children’s Hospice ‘Bubble Rush’ with J this weekend! Acorns is a wonderful charity in the West Midlands. They provide care to children with life-limiting conditions, and help to their families, whatever they need. They give families a safe place to enjoy their time together, to meet other people facing similar challenges, and to be in an environment that is fun and relaxed. Acorns also provide emergency and end-of-life care to children and young people. Several times each year, they host the most fun and exciting fundraising events! As bubbles are one of J’s favourite things, I couldn’t wait to sign up. 


The ‘Bubble Rush’ was held at Hatton Country World, which is one of our favourite places to take J. Everyone taking part was given discounted entry to the park afterwards, which was another great incentive to get involved. I was amazed by how many volunteers were there to help out when we arrived. The parking was very well organised, and was only a short walk from the registration tents. We collected out t-shirts (J’s swamped him!), and went to watch the previous wave of runners finishing their race.

Warming up

The atmosphere was fab while we waited. Lots of people were dressed up, and there were loads of families enjoying the sun together. There was a small stage area, with music playing, and a very enthusiastic compere. He invited so many kids up to do shout-outs, it was really sweet. An incredibly brave mum, Mel, came to speak about how Acorns has helped her youngest boy. Born with a heart condition, he has many obstacles, and Acorns has been there for him and his family for many years now. She spoke very passionately and very movingly about the help they have received – it was very inspiring to hear. An energetic fitness instructor took to the stage next, to warm everyone up, and get us all ready to go. We danced to 2 songs, and then we lined up at the start.

The bubbles!

We were covered in bubbles while we were queuing at the start line! The course was 2.5km long, and we did it twice. It was fairly flat, and the hot weather we’ve had meant that the ground was dry and the route was clear. The bubble stations were spaced about 500m apart. They were big inflatable milestones, each one a different colour, pumping out gallons of bubbles! There was music pumping from each one, which really got everyone excited. They used big cannons, which created so much foam that it was up to our waists. I wore J in our Baby Bjorn carrier, and we were advised to scoop up any under 3s as you ran through the bubbles- they were likely to be engulfed otherwise!

J was a little overwhelmed by the bubbles to begin with, as they were a lot bigger than the ones he is used to seeing at Gymboree. Looking around, everyone was having so much fun, and getting so messy. All the different coloured bubbles lightly dyed everyone’s skin and t-shirts – it looked brilliant. There were children of all ages taking part (although I think J may have been the youngest). I think it was a fab idea, and I can’t wait to take J along again next year. Having so much fun, while raising money for such a great charity, is a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

To donate to Acorns Children’s Hospice, please click here.

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