19 Classical Pieces Your Kids Will Love

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Classical music gets a bad reputation from children! They assume it is boring and stuffy, and for ‘old people’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are some wonderfully exciting classical pieces, and many that children adore – you just have to show them. This list is a great start! Here are 19 classical pieces that your kids will love:


1. In the Hall of the Mountain King – Grieg

This is the theme used throughout the Alton Towers theme park! It is exciting, dramatic, and great for building anticipation.

2. Fur Elise – Beethoven

One of the most requested pieces by my piano students, everyone knows and loves this famous piano piece.

3. O Fortuna – Carl Orff

This is one of the most popular pieces of the 21st-century, due to its use on the X-Factor! Kids will love pretending to be the judges, as they march around to this.

4. Hedwig’s Theme – John Williams

This is one of the main themes used in the Harry Potter films. It is magical and mystical. Children may not realise that film music falls into the category of ‘classical’ music, but it definitely counts!

5. Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy – Tchaikovsky

This will make your children think of Christmas! Taken from The Nutcracker, it is a lovely dance – very magical.

6. Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra – Britten

This was written to do exactly what it says on the tin! The well-known theme is played by each family of instruments in turn, to help children to listen out for each different sound.

7. He’s A Pirate – Klaus Badelt

This is an amazing theme tune, taken from Pirates of the Caribbean. It is swashbuckling, daring, and heroic!

8. Swan Lake Theme – Tchaikovsky

Tragic and dramatic, this ballet theme is one of the most popular. It’s a great accompaniment to the story of Swan Lake.

9. Spring – Vivaldi

              This is one of the earliest pieces in this list. It is taken from

The Four Seasons

              – each of which is well worth a listen! Children will recognise it, and will enjoy dancing around to it.

10. The Fellowship – Howard Shore

Especially loved by teenage boys, this is the main theme from The Lord of the Rings. It is a lovely, atmospheric piece, which is really quite calming.

11. William Tell Overture – Rossini

This is great fun, perfect for galloping around the garden to!

12. Mars – Holst

This is taken from Holst’s The Planets. Mars is the bringer of war – this piece is full of anger, drama and adrenalin. It is brilliantly expressive, and great for burning lots of energy to!

13. Edward Scissorhands: Introduction – Danny Elfman

Full of intrigue, mystery and magic – this soundtrack is very typical of Danny Elfman, and is perfect listening for children.

14. Hungarian Dance No.5 – Brahms


This is a lovely introduction to a very romantic style of playing – Brahms wrote some great melodies, and this is one of his best.

15. Theme from ‘The New World’ Symphony – Dvorak

You may recognise this from the Hovis advert from a few years back, but it has been used in many films as well. It’s a very peaceful movement, which will have a lovely calming effect on your children.

16. 5th Symphony, Movement 1 – Beethoven

Everyone will recognise the opening 4 notes to this famous symphony – it is so exciting, and a fab piece for kids to know!

17. Star Wars, Main Theme – John Williams

This is another classic theme by John Williams – it’s lush, powerful, and one of the very best!

18. Pictures at an Exhibition – Mussorgsky

The opening brass sound will captured your little one’s attention instantly, and the memorable theme is sure to become a favourite.

19. Sabre Dance – Khachaturian

    This piece is fiery, energetic, and great fun. Your kids will be stamping and clapping along in no time!

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